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Welcome to the Game Cheats Zone. We bring you all the latest Cheat Codes along with Ps2 Cheats. If you're interested in Cheat Codes then this is the site for you! We offer game cheats and codes for the xbox, dreamcast, gameboy, n64, playstation 1 and 2 and cheats for your PC.

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Star Wars Jedi StarFighter Playstation 2 Game Cheats

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    Star Wars Jedi StarFighter

    Enter QUENTIN as a code.

    Disable cockpit displays:
    Enter NOHUD as a code.

    Alternate camera angles:
    Enter DIRECTOR as a code. Press Select to cycle camera views or R1 to zoom in.

    Reversed controls:
    Enter JARJAR as a code. The message "Jar Jar Mode" will appear to confirm correct code entry.

    Pictures of Simon:
    Enter SIMON as a code.

    Programmer message:
    Enter MAGGIE as a code.

    Advanced Freefall ship:
    Achieve the bonus objective in Act 3 Mission 1.

    Advanced Havoc ship:
    Achieve the bonus objective in Act 3 Mission 3.

    Advanced Jedi Starfighter:
    Achieve the bonus objective in Act 2 Mission 4.

    Advanced Zoomer ship:
    Achieve the bonus objective in Act 2 Mission 3.

    Republic Gunship:
    Achieve the bonus objective in Act 3 Mission 5.

    Sabaoth Fighter:
    Achieve the bonus objective in Act 2 Mission 5.

    TIE Fighter:
    Achieve the bonus objective in Act 1 Mission 4.

    Achieve the bonus objective in Act 1 Mission 3.

    Slave 1 ship:
    Achieve the hidden objective in all missions.

    Hint: Mt. Merkan: Droid making a snowman:
    On mission 6, Mt. Merakan, there are two landing platforms. Go to the one built on the side of the mountain. Get between it and the peak of the mountain. Fly over to the right side of the platform. Slightly to the right is a large pipe. If you are lined up correctly you will see a small white dot on the ground at the base of the mountain. Zoom in or fly over to see a droid making a snowman.

    Hint: Mt. Merkan: Easter eggs:
    On mission 6, Mt. Merakan, after you destroy about 75%of the buildings and fire is coming out of the pipes, find the side of the mountain with two pipes coming out where one is above the other. The pipe on top has no flames. Look inside it to find three eggs.

    Hint: Hidden objectives:
    Mission 1: Destroy the spy ship.
    Mission 2: Allow no enemy craft to land on the beach.
    Mission 3: Destroy all walking Starfighters in the hanger.
    Mission 4: Destoy all Tractor Beam Towers.
    Mission 5: Destroy all enemies.
    Mission 6: Finish mission in under nine minutes.
    Mission 7: Destroy all three Trade Federation Freighters.
    Mission 8: Destroy all Landers and Super Freighters.
    Mission 9: Prevent all Hex Deployers from escaping.
    Mission 10: Lose no friendly Tugs.
    Mission 11: Destroy all Trade Federation Landers.
    Mission 12: Destroy all Turrets.
    Mission 13: Destroy all Bunkers.
    Mission 14: All Mere Transports must survive.
    Mission 15: All Mere Cruisers must survive.

    Hint: Hidden objectives for two player mode:
    Mission 1: Complete mission in four minutes or less.
    Mission 2: Destroy all Trade Federation Carriers.
    Mission 3: Destroy all station doors.
    Mission 4: Destroy all Trade Federation Sub docks.
    Mission 5: Protect all buildings.
    Mission 6: Destroy all containers.
    Mission 7: Destroy all Sabaoth crafts.
    Mission 8: Destroy all defense barracks.
    Mission 9: Prevent all Drop Ships from landing.
    Misson 10: Destroy "Reavers".
    Mission 11: Destroy all Missile Frigate groups.
    Mission 12: Destroy Cruiser without using the orbital cannon.
    Mission 13: Lose no Clones.
    Mission 14: Finish mission in less then nine minutes.
    Mission 15: Destroy all turrets on Destroyers and Flagships.
    Star Wars Jedi StarFighter

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