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Shadow hearts Playstation 2 Game Cheats

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    Shadow hearts

    Completion bonus:
    Successfully complete the game and allow the credits and ending
    sequence to end. Save the game and play again to begin with all
    Fusion Demons from your previous attempt.

    Hint: Defeating Bosses:
    Use the following trick to defeat Seraphic Radiance or any Boss. Let
    Yuri use Monkey's Paw on himself. The second character should use
    Gold Hourglass to negate the ring abnormality of the Monkey's Paw
    effect. The third character should use Moon Swallow so all hits will
    become critical. On Yuri's turn, morph into Amon or Seraphic
    Radiance, or any level 3 fusion monster. Use Seventh Key and make
    sure you hit all Judgment Ring bars, not necessarily on the red
    (critical) portion. The first hit may even reach 999 if you are

    First, find the lowest level character on your side of the field.
    This character should be using items on other characters (good or
    bad). The highest level character should be your main attacker. The
    remaining character should be your secondary attacker/item user.
    Remember, the primary item user and main attacker must stay alive.

    Hint: Defeating Hyuga and Seraphic Radiance:
    To easily defeat Hyuga/Seraphic Radiance, you should be level 45 or
    higher. You also need Amon, Thera Roots, Tea Of The Holy One (x5),
    Fifth Key (x2 to 4), and Seventh Key(x2 to 4). You really do not
    need Mana Roots. It would also be better if you have Yuri's Ultimate
    Weapon, and have it fully upgraded. When the battle begins, fuse to
    Amon and use Demon Ray on Hyuga. He can be defeated in three to four
    hits. Do not use the Keys yet. Use Thera Roots when your HP goes
    down to 200. Make sure to keep your HP above 400; when he fuses to
    Seraphic Radiance he will drain your HP by 375 to 400 using "Malcto"
    and it will kill you. When your HP is high, use either Fifth Key or
    Seventh Key on him. Complete at least three rounds (it does not need
    to hit the red ones). Again, always make sure your HP is above 400.
    Also, do not forget to look at your Sanity Points. Do this again
    until you have defeaedt him. When the battle ends, go back and check
    the back of the tree for Yuri's ultimate armor.

    Hint: Good ending:
    Before you proceed to the last mission (Neameto Float), Halley will
    go see her mother Koudelka. Do not follow him yet. Go to your
    valuables section and read the Oath Grail's description (item from
    Joshua). Go to a dungeon and let the malice fill up to red. Instead
    of Fox Face, the masks will go after you on random battles. Defeat
    all four of them. Do not clear up the malice and they will hunt you
    again. This time, they will have only 1 HP, and you need to defeat
    them in this order: Grail, Gold, Sword, and Staff. This is a
    trial-and-error process, so you may need to save and load depending
    on the order. By the time Alice is supposed to die at the hands of
    Atman, Yuri will barge in to help her and you will be able to win
    the battle.

    Hint: Light all candles in blue castle:
    Light the candles in the blue castle in alphabetical order by name:
    Abel, Edgar, Frank, Helen, Leon, Maria, Robin, and finally Steven.
    This will open the door to the throne room.

    Hint: Unlocking "????" in level 3 fusion monsters:
    Fuse with the level 3 monsters and have them Berserk. They will use
    the skill and you will also learn it. Do this for Czernobog, Seravi,
    Lobo, Egil, Sandalphon, and Forron. You can also do this for Amon
    and Seraphic Radiance.

    Hint: Get prizes from the Lottery Guy:
    Simply press X on the color of your choice. It will stop exactly
    where you pressed it.

    Hint: Surviving Sharon's pit fights:
    Most of the monsters in her pit fight attack with status and ring
    abnormalities. You should have a Crucifix and a Pocket Watch
    equipped to render the effects harmless. Win ten consecutive times
    and she will give you some rare items.

    [Hint: Orphanage: Door codes:
    The code for the door on the right upstairs is "5375". The code for
    the big door downstairs is "3754"

    Hint: Dollhouse: Passcode:
    After you take the crank from the clock and the storeroom key from
    the fountain, proceed to the storeroom and activate the generator
    using the crank. Go back to the room where you found the antelope's
    head and press X on the vault. The passcode for this is "1224". Go
    back to the storage and go all the way until you get to the last
    door. There will be a Boss fight here. This will be easy if you have
    Amon already.

    Hint: Graveyard: Finding the Elemental Gravestones for level 3

    Dark Gravestone: In the room where you found and fought Yuri (Blue
    Castle Tower). After you defeat him, go back upstairs to find it
    on the floor.
    Earth Gravestone: Go back to Bistritz. Step on Nina's seeds and
    leave Bistritz. Return later and talk to Nina inside. Leave again
    and return. You will find Nina outside and she will give you the
    Air Gravestone: Bring some Tissues with you. Go back to Prague
    after your battle with Roger Bacon/Amon. Talk to the barkeeper and
    check the restroom. Yuri will give him some Tissues. Leave the bar
    and the man will give you the stone.
    Light Gravestone: You can find it in Roger's house. His house is
    round; keep going past the vending machine until you cannot go
    anymore, then press X. It is in a chest that you cannot see.
    Fire Gravestone: Calios Mental Hospital. Its on the second door on
    the second room. Open the chest and after you find Halley's mom,
    go back to the room. You can see a red thing on the opened chest.
    Water Gravestone: After you defeat Roger Bacon/Amon. Go to
    Knowledgable Carl's house and check the phone. When it mentions
    the place "Rouen", leave and go to Rouen. A new person will sell
    it to Shadow hearts

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