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Dragon Ball ZBudokai Playstation 2 Game Cheats

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    Dragon Ball Z:Budokai

    Powering up
    Hold X and tap Back(2), and hold Back after you tap it again.

    Control loading screen
    Use the Left Analog-stick to manually move the green radar that passes over the "Dragon Ball Z" logo at the bottom right of the screen. Press L3 to have it resume its normal scanning motion.

    Android #16
    You can unlock Android #16 when you complete the "Aim For Perfect Form" episode.

    Cell, Android #17, and Teen Gohan
    Play through "The Androids Saga" at any level.

    Freiza, Ginyu, and Recoome
    Play through "The Namek Saga" at any level.

    Mr. Satan (Hercule)
    Win a World Match Tournament at the "Adept" level.

    Radditz, Vegeta, and Nappa
    Play through "The Saiyan Saga" at any level

    Saiyaman (Gohan's alter ego)
    Win a World Match Tournament at the "Advanced" level.

    Super Saiyan ability (Goku only)
    Play through "The Namek Saga" at any level.

    Super Saiyan ability (Vegeta only)
    Play through "The Androids Saga" at any level.

    Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2 abilities (Teen Gohan only)
    Play through "The Androids Saga" at any level.

    Super Vegeta
    You can unlock Super Vegeta when you complete the "Vegeta's Confidence" episode.

    You can unlock trunks when you complete the "Perfect Form Cell Complete" episode.

    You can unlock Yamcha when you complete the "Aim For Perfect Form" episode.

    You can unlock Zarbon when you complete the "Vegeta's Attack" episode.

    -------- Hints -------

    Red Capsule
    On world championship mode, if you win you get 10,000 Zenie and second place gets you 5,000 Zenie. This is useful because when you go to the shop and buy the Red Capsule, you will get some very good moves such as Super Saiyan Trunks, Kamahamaha for Krillen, and even Super Saiyan Level 2 for Gohan.

    Burst Zone
    When fighters simultaneously connect with an Energy Punch, you enter Burst Zone. You will know when this is happening by the speed at which both warriors are attacking and blocking. Rotate the Left Analog-stick as quickly as possible. If you are the fastest, you will deliver a powerful knock-back attack on your opponent upon exiting the Burst Zone.

    Easy transformations
    For easier transformations, enter the options screen. Select the controller option then move over to "Costume". Hold L1 and press Left or Right until you see P K G (the transformation buttons). You will now have L1 as a transformation button. Note: You can do the same thing with taunts; just press Left or Right or left until you find P K G E.

    Easy win
    To easily defeat an opponent, go to "Edit Skills" and give your character a Viral Heart Disease Capsule and a Vaccine Capsule. The Vaccine Capsule negates the effects of the Viral Heart Disease Capsule on your player, and only your opponent will get their life drained.

    Fight through the story mode and/or the tournament mode until you can get the Senzu Bean, Viral Heart Disease, Vaccine, and Kamehameha skills. Equip all four skills on Goku, Gohan, or Krillin. When you now fight in a duel, allow your opponent to knock your health down to zero. By this time, the Viral Heart Disease should have depleted his health down to half of the last bar. The Senzu Bean will replenish all of your health and energy. Finish off your opponent with a four-punch combo and a Kamehameha.

    Restore life
    To get life without going into the rejuvenation chamber on Namek, go up closely to the chamber without going in. You should see your life bar fill.

    Alternate appearance
    Press Square or Circle at the character selection screen. Your character may have different clothes or colors. Try this with Trunks and make him go Super Saiyan.

    View alternate costumes
    Press R1 and R2 at the Capsule change screen to view the character's alternate costumes. Press L1 and L2 to zoom in and out. Use the Left Analog-stick to rotate the characters.

    Alternate background
    When you start the game and "Press Start" appears, remain idle and a FMV sequence will start. When the title screen appears, the background will be different. There are three or four different backgrounds.

    Alternate levels
    Press Square instead of X when selecting the Cell, Valley, and other levels for a different appearance. Dragon Ball ZBudokai

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