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Welcome to the Game Cheats Zone. We bring you all the latest Cheat Codes along with Ps2 Cheats. If you're interested in Cheat Codes then this is the site for you! We offer game cheats and codes for the xbox, dreamcast, gameboy, n64, playstation 1 and 2 and cheats for your PC.

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Bouncer , The Playstation 2 Game Cheats

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    Bouncer , The

    Bonus characters: [Submitted by:SNailB8ter]
    Successfully complete story mode to unlock more characters each time that it is finished.

    Hidden FMV sequence:
    Successfully complete story mode with Sion.

    Alternate costumes:
    At the character selection screen, hold L1, L2, or R2 and choose a person. Note: This has no effect in story mode.

    Unlock BlackHooded Sion: [Submitted by:Khaos]
    Beat suvival mode with Sion (the last person you fight will be Sion with a Black Hood.

    Bonus FMV sequence
    Complete story mode with Sion.

    Play As a hidden Woman: [Submitted by:Nick]
    To play as the hidden woman you must play through story mode only using that of the name Kou Lefoui. Then after deafeating the one called Duragon C. Mikado you will have to fight the woman. She is fiarly hard to beat so save those bouncer points to collect more energy points and extra life. Dont expect an easy win because if you do you will be truly mistaken and will pay the concequences by getting the breath beat out of you on the game.

    Play as Leann Caldwell: [Submitted by:DruidX]
    Play through story mode, only using Kou. After you defeat Duragon for the final time you will view a FMV sequence where you have to fight Leann. Defeat her to unlock her in survival and versus modes.

    Play as Wong Leung: [Submitted by:DruidX]
    Play through story mode with any character. However, do not use Sion in the fight against Kaldea (the panther), and after that fight use Sion to complete the game. After you defeat Duragon for the final time you will view a FMV sequence where you have to fight Wong. Defeat him to unlock her in survival and versus modes.

    Unlock Wong Leung Another Version
    To unlock Sion's sensei, Wong you must play through the game as any character. When you come up to the battle against Kaldea (the battle right before the final fight), have any character other than Sion fight her. Then, use Sion to complete the game. During the end sequence, right before Dominique comes to visit Sion while he is working the door of the bar, you will view a flashback sequence where Sion will do battle with his master, Wong.

    Wong fights similar to both Sion and Dauragon. He uses the same two-fisted attack as Dauragon (where he can hit an opponent both in front of him, and behind him), as well as leg sweeps similar to Sion. You can use normal attacks against him, but one special move in particular works very well.

    Block attacks from Wong, and while he is recovering from one press the ES+MEDUIM buttons (whatever you have them assigned to) to perform the Torpedo Kick move, which will take off a bit of damage and knock Wong off his feet. Turn that into a pattern: Block, Torpedo Kick, Block, Torpedo Kick, etc. to defeat Wong, who you can then use in the Versus mode.

    Play as Topless Duragon: [Submitted by:DruidX]
    Successfully complete story mode three times using any character. After defeating Duragon for the second time, he will get up again and fight topless. Defeat him to unlock that version of him in survival and versus modes.

    Play as Kou with MSF costume: [Submitted by:DruidX]
    Play through story mode with any character. However, use Kou to infiltrate the Mikado Building. The MSF costume for Kou will now be unlocked in survival and versus modes.

    Unlock secret bouncer: [Submitted by:A-man]
    Press L1,Square 3 times,Circle, X two times,triangle,x

    Increased character rank
    You can increase the rank of extra characters in survival and versus modes every time story mode is completed (all except Volt, Sion, and Kou)
    Bouncer , The

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