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Twisted Metal 3 Playstation Game Cheats

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    Twisted Metal 3

    Twisted Metal 3
    Sweet Tooth:
    Enter the following as a password:
    Left Left Left Right Right
    Goto the "vehicle selection" screen and Sweet Tooth will now be available.
    Enter the following as a password:
    Right Right Right Left Left
    Goto the "vehicle selection" screen and Minion will now be available.
    Goto the Last Level (Calypso's Blimp) w/ Outlaw:
    Left X L1 Up Start
    Freeze Missile: During battle press LEFT,RIGHT,UP
    High Jump: During battle press UP,UP,LEFT
    Rear Fire: During battle press LEFT,RIGHT,DOWN
    Invisibility for 3 sec.: During battle press UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT
    To play the secret Warehouse Level, enter UP UP UP LEFT LEFT as a password. Go to Deathmatch, pick any level, and then cars for each player. It will then load the warehouse level that you see in the intro.
    To activate the memory card, enter "start" 5 times at the password section. Set all your settings how you like them and begin a game. Just before the game begins you will be prompted to save.
    Enter L1, L1, R1, R1, R1 as a password. You will then return to the main menu. Now, begin a game and then die. When you're revived, you will have an unlimited amount of your character's special weapon.
    Play as Minion in Tournament only: Up, Start, Down, L1, Square
    Play as Sweettooth in Tournament only: O, O, L1, L1, Start
    Unlimited Ammunition:
    Enter Trinagle, Circle, Up, Right, Down as a password.
    God Mode:
    Enter L1, Square, X, R1, Start as a password. Note: This code should not be used while the "Activate Memory Card" code is enabled.
    Massive Force:
    Enter Triangle, Circle, Down, Left, Up as a password.
    Giant Ricochet Bomb:
    Enter Left, Right, Left, Right, Up as a password.
    Smart Seekers:
    Enter Triangle, Left, Down, Right, Up as a password. Any missiles that track their targets will be enhanced.
    Freeze Missile:
    Enter Triangle, Up, Circle, Right, Start as a password to add 99 freeze missiles to the inventory. Look like power missiles.
    CPU Cars Ignore Health Power-Ups:
    Enter Down, L1, Down, Start, Triangle as a password. The CPU controlled cars will not use helath power-ups when low.
    Icy Levels:
    Enter Up, Up, X, X, Up as a password. Level will be slippery levels.
    Solo Deathmatch:
    Enter X, Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle as a password.
    Warehouse Level:
    Enter Square, Square, Square, Left, Left as a password. Choose Deathmatch game.
    Demo Level:
    Enter Up, Up, Up, Left, Left as a password. Choose Deathmatch game. This level is just like what you see at the main menu.
    Club Kid's House Level:
    Enter Left, Left, Left, Square, Square as a password. Choose Deathmatch game.
    Xtra Weapons and Health:
    When you have fallen to the bottom of the blimp destroy the boxes on the ground. Inside the destroyed boxes you will find health and weapons.
    Find a Hidden Song:
    Put the game disc into a regular cd player and play track 2. You will hear an extra song. Not really a cheat but kind of fun.

    Twisted Metal 3

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