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Welcome to the Game Cheats Zone. We bring you all the latest Cheat Codes along with Ps2 Cheats. If you're interested in Cheat Codes then this is the site for you! We offer game cheats and codes for the xbox, dreamcast, gameboy, n64, playstation 1 and 2 and cheats for your PC.

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X-Wing Alliance PC Game Cheats

Other Cheats for the PC

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    Enable all Craft in Skirmish Mode:
    Download this patch xwacraft.zip and follow the readme
    Various Cheats:
    Type IAMACHEATER to activate cheat mode, then enter any of the following codes:

    Code: Effect:

    EWOKSRULE Invulnerable
    MASTERYODA Unlimited Ammo
    KILLMENOW Lose Current Mission
    THETASTEOFVICTORY Win Current Mission
    HYPERMETO## Warp to a different level, where ## is the number of the level

    (reported as a invalid codes - you decide!)

    All ships in skirmish:
    You don't need a patch to access all ships in skirmish mode you just go to your shiplist and edit. it go to your C: icon and double click the program files folder. there should a folder labeled lucasarts click that and go to XWA (Xwing alliance) there will be a note pad labeled "shiplist"click it and it will show a list of every ship what catagory (starship, Fighter etc). it will also show if it is flyable or not if it says "Nonflyable" erase it and put Flyable. Make sure the F is capitol or it wont work. you can also get new ships in skirmish mode like Deathstar II (which dosen't work,Emkay, and hte Booster pack. to get these they will say NOSkirmish or have a * infront of them and erase the * or if it has Noskirmish erase it and put Skirmish. Remember to put all capitals on all words or it wont work. This may seem long, i know but if you do it once youll catch on.if oyu have any trouble contact me.

    Secret Option Screen:
    A secret options screen can be accessed by crashing into the SSD at the battle of Endor 15 times on consecutive attempts. New battles await!

    Attacking a Star Destroyer:
    When attacking a Star Destroyer fly down the center heading toward the bridge, rattling off shots. Press the comma key to search through the components get shield generator. Once they are done the Star Destroyer's hull is at your mercy. Press [Alt]+ C to clear you CMD. Then dumb-fire you warheads at the crafts hull. It can't shoot our dumb-fire warheads.

    First Mission of Battle 4 Strategy:
    In the first mission of battle 4, 0nce the marauder corvette is destroyed, destroy all the remaining fighters. Remember, set your turrets to autofire by pressing the "F" key. Do not travel to the Vergesso Asteroids until your shields are fully recharged. While you are waiting, you can destroy the supply depot to get some juicy bonus points. Once your shields are recharged head for the asteroids. You will encounter only four Supa Fighters. Your laser turrets set to autofire will take out all opposition. Just remenber not to fly in a straight line for too long.

    Covering Ground Fast:
    If you need to cover some ground very fast, have a beam device installed to your vessel (this option is available when reflying the missions or in a later stage of the game).

    By redirecting the energy of the beam device (either tractor, jamming or decoy beam) to your engine, you gain approx 1/3 is speed. Not too shabby, especially if you fly the A-Wing crafts. X-Wing Alliance

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