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Welcome to the Game Cheats Zone. We bring you all the latest Cheat Codes along with Ps2 Cheats. If you're interested in Cheat Codes then this is the site for you! We offer game cheats and codes for the xbox, dreamcast, gameboy, n64, playstation 1 and 2 and cheats for your PC.

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Tyrian 2000 PC Game Cheats

Other Cheats for the PC

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    All Super Arcade Modes:
    - The Experimental PQZ ship: Type 'TECHNO' at the Tyrian 2000 main menu.
    - TX Silvercloud: Type 'UNKNOWN' at the Tyrian 2000 main menu.

    - Stormwind - The Elemental: Type 'STORMWIND' at the Tyrian 2000 main menu.

    - Ninja Star: Type 'STEALTH' at the Tyrian 2000 main menu.

    - Foodship Nine: Type 'WEIRD' at the Tyrian 2000 main menu.

    - Dragon: Type 'LIZARD' at the Tyrian 2000 main menu.

    - Captured U-fighter: Type 'ENEMY' at the Tyrian 2000 main menu.

    - Pretzel Pete Truck: Type 'PRETZEL' at the Tyrian 2000 main menu.

    - Nort-Ship Z: Type 'NORTSHIPZ' at the Tyrian 2000 main menu.

    Hidden difficulties:
    - On the difficulty selection menu, press 'SHIFT' and 'G' together to open the Impossible setting.

    - After entering the code for Impossible setting on the difficulty selection menu, press 'SHIFT' and ']' to open Suicide setting.

    Super Tyrian mode:
    - At the Tyrian 2000 main menu, type 'ENGAGE' for Super Tyrian mode Lord of the Game difficulty.
    - For Super Tyrian mode on Suicide difficulty, hold the Scroll Lock key and type 'ENGAGE' at the Tyrian 2000 main menu.

    Debug mode:
    - During a level, press 'BACKSPACE' and 'F10' to enter/exit debug mode.

    Super Tyrian Codes:
    During gaeplay in Super Tyrian mode (After typing 'engage' at title) use these to help fight off the enemys (Note: There are more, I just havent figuerd them out yet)

    up + spacebar = lighting bolt forward
    left + spacebar = lighting bolt left
    right + spacebar = lighting bolt right
    down + spacebar = convert shields to armor
    up then down + spacebar = super hot dog
    down then up + spacebar = freeze shot

    - During a level, press 'F2' + 'F3' + 'F6' together. If the message "Cheaters always prosper" appears, you've entered the code correctly. You can lose all of your armor, but you will not die until you deactivate the code (by pushing 'F2' + 'F3' + 'F6' together again).

    Random Color Change:
    - During a level, press 'BACKSPACE' and '-' to randomly change the board's color scheme.

    Random Song:
    - During a level, press 'BACKSPACE' and 'SCROLL LOCK' to randomly change the background music.

    Christmas mode:
    - From the Start-Programs menu, select "MS-DOS Prompt". A DOSshell window will appear. Change to the Tyrian 2000 folder. Type "file0001 yesxmas" and press the 'Y' key when prompted. Certain items, weapons, ships and sound effects will be changed to reflect the holiday spirit.

    Destruct Mini-game:
    - Type 'DESTRUCT' at the Tyrian 2000 main menu to access the Destruct mini-game. - There are five modes to play: 5-Card War (5 units vs 5 units)
    Traditional (one on one battle)
    Heli Assault (4 helicopters vs 8 ground units)
    Heli Defense (8 ground units vs 4 helicopters)
    Outgunned (green troops outnumbered by opponent's units)
    - Press 'F1' for the list of controls.

    Instantly end level:
    - During any level, press 'F2' + 'F6' + 'F7' to instantly warp off of the level. Please note that this will not work with any Super Arcade ship nor will it work in Super Tyrian mode.

    "Super" Pause:
    - During a game, press 'Backspace' and 'Number Lock' together. After doing this, you will not see the word "Pause" on the screen when you pause the game (by pressing 'P').

    Wild Detail mode:
    - Run the Tyrian 2000 setup program. Highlight "Game Detail" and press the 'W' key.

    Tyrian 2000

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