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Tiberian Sun PC Game Cheats

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    Tiberian Sun Infinite Firestorm Wall: To get infinite firestorm wall first let your firestorm charge up all the way. Then turn it on and sell or turn off some of your power plants until the words "On Hold" appear in the box. Your firestorm wall will stay on forever and will not go down until the power comes back. Level 9 Hint: At this moment the most asked question is: "How do I get behind the lasercannon ( The Obelisk of light ). Well, at the right of the cannon there is a small base with a 'hand of NOD' building and a few powerplants. first at all you must distroy the units on that base. After that distroy all the powerplants.So the NOD has low power. Then you can pass the lasercannon or you can distroy it. when you go to the top of the map there is a base you can capture. capture it and distroy all NOD units. Someone Said This Was the Real Way: Ok here is the Real way. Take 1 MLRS hoover tank and the APC to the upper-most left hand point that is still out of range of the obleisk. Then attack the obleisk with the other two MLRS's and sneak the APC and hoover tank past the obleisk. Make sure to attack first so that the Obleisk hits one of the attacking hoover tanks and no the one escorting the APC. Time it right and its easy. Then take over the Construction Yard of the old GDI base. Destroy the power plants outside the firestorm walls to get a engineer inside to the Yard. Now secure the area by turning on the "turrets" by useing that "lightning" button by the "sell" command. Read my next tip to finish off the level and everyone after it. Double the range of your disk throwers: In order for this trick to work you must have some disk throwers (this works best with flat terrain). Then send them out to battle. Press the [Ctrl] key and force fire toward your target (not at the target. Aim for the ground in front of it). The discs will bounce off of the ground and if you aimed right, hit the target. With this, you can destroy those laser cannons or light towers without getting fired at or detected. Stealth Generator Hint: When you are NOD and can build a stealth generator, not only is there no use for pavement but it hurts your as well. when you build pavement and a generator the genrator does not put the pavement into stealth. so if your playing against a friend (the computer is stupid so you can do it with them) dont use pavement or they will be able to see where your base is. but if your playing with redeployable mcv's then it wont matter because you can throw them of by moving it and putting pavement somewhere else and then moving your mcv back. Easy Way To Capture Construction Yard: To capture the enmy construction yard while you are the Nod, Build a subtaranium APC and put some engineears in to it. Then tell it to go to the enmies base unload the engineers and capture the base. Selling Vehicles: If your vehicle has lots of damage then you can sell it by making it go to the repair bay and when it gets on you click on the sell button and move it over the vehicle and it should turn green then click to sell it Conquering Tip: Before conquering a base,Build a defencing structure(Let's say Obelisk of Light).Don't Deploy the structure until you conquered your enemy's building. Deploy it next to your just-captured-building.This will give you a stronger post in their base. Put a hand of NOD in your foe's base to supply more engineers to conqure more buildings Uncloaking a Base: Ok,take a light vehical and scout a round the map with him if he dies,and your enemy is NOD chances are he went into a cloaked base and got hit hard. Send 2 or 3 more light vehicals into his last position and see if you find a cloaked base wwith firing base denfences.After you find the base send several infantry to that area to uncloak some stuctures,all you have two do now is send seekers,missles,ion cannon,heavy vehicals,or air craft to that area and have them force fire where you've seen the stuctures,and chances are you'll hit some thing and they'll have no choice then to attack! This may not be a cheat but its helpful so try it out! Bye! Disc Thrower Use: This is a hint on a good way of using your sic throwers if you are limited on recources. Lets say you have one disc thrower and one fully operating enemy laser. Stand at a distance so that the laser cannot get you, but be as close as possible. Fire at the ground so that the disc slides and hits the laser. The laser will be destroyed and you will go unharmed. Cripple Enemy in Skirmish: If NOD during a skirmish map find the Construction Yard and the Weapons Factory they are always very close. Send the Subterranian APC with 3 Engineers A Cyborg Commando and a Highjacker. Have a Oblisk of Light ready get in grab the weapons factory and Construction Yard (YOU MUST GET THIS ONE WEAPONS FACTORY IS OPTIONAL) and put the oblisk at their base hahahah youve screwed them build a barraks and waa laa what happens next is up to you. (DOESNT WORK IF PAVEMENT IS AROUND IT) How to destroy Harvesters: If you are Playing GDI And your opponet Has alot of Harvesters that he sends out into unprotected Tiberium Feilds You Should Biuld 7 or 8 Hover MRLS to destroy one harvester at a time Because Their missles Are very effective aganist Harvesters. And also If you play GDI You Should Destroy the Orange Tiberium Veins So that NOD can't Make or launch Chemical Missiles Secret Level: Did you know that there is an extra GDI mission, called 'Mine the power grid'? It is accessed this way... First rescue all 10 mutants in 'Rescue the mutants' mission. Oh yeah, don't forget to get Ghost Stalker and Mutant Hijacker in that mission!! Next choose 'Destroy Chemical Plant' mission. You start in lower left corner of the map. Build you base, blah blah... and when you start to wreak havoc upon Nod base, take some units and proceed to the upper left corner of the map for a small surprise... you will come upon a train station. Also a Ghost Stalker will come to reinforce your forces (hm:)). Anyway, board the train with the Ghost Stalker. Be careful, new mission objective will want you to keep the Ghost alive at all costs!! When you board the train, terminate the Nod base. Mission accomplished. And on to the 'Mine the power grid' mission. Beating the NOD Stealth Generator: This works best if your playing if the computer, becuase hopefully no one will be stupid enough to do this. When the computer is NOD, they like to leave a lot of power plants outside the generator. Instead of focusing your attack on the stealthed part of the base, attack all the power plants. The Ion Cannon works best. If you can send them to low power, and uncloak the base, then put waypoints over all the important cloaked structures, especially the generator. Then, when you launch a major attack, you don't have to worry about where stuff it is. You can place things on force-fire and destroy everything. Ghost Stalker Trick: Take a Ghosstalker.Find a citiy.You must find first your enemy. It must be near the biulding or it wont work.Take the Ghos stalker and make it go to the biulding.An icon of a remote must u seen when u move the Ghos near a biulding and it will bomb the biulding.(IT IS BETTER NEAR A BLUE TIBIREAN FIELD AND ONLY WORKS ON CITY"S BIULDING) A deffence cheat: When playing a skirmish or higher levels with nod your sometimes spending all out money. and you dont seem to have enough troops and what not. build your base and put laser wall around the whole thing. put a gate for your harvesters and crap. when building a laser wall try and make it as long as possible. try 6 or 8 spaces long. then in your tool box click the electric bolt icon to shut off "ONE" portion of the laser fence. then it's shut off. this means that you or the enemy can pass through it. when an enemy tank or infantry passes through it , click off the icon on the fence and presto whatch it disapear. as a result it will obliterate the enemy and that portion of the fence. so i suggest you have another one ready to re-place it. "I found this accidently i turned it off and my harvester passed through. when i turned it on it was destroyed" Attacking strategy: When you're attacking make 3-4 teams of ten units.Don't just send all you're units at once or they will just get shot down one by one. Instead attack from the sides, back, and front all at once. Also attack the opponent where there is lesser defense. Also if they have a lot of artilerys build 5-10 air craft units and take out their artilerys before you attack. Tiberian Sun

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