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Welcome to the Game Cheats Zone. We bring you all the latest Cheat Codes along with Ps2 Cheats. If you're interested in Cheat Codes then this is the site for you! We offer game cheats and codes for the xbox, dreamcast, gameboy, n64, playstation 1 and 2 and cheats for your PC.

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Star Wars Jedi Knight 2- Jedi Outcast PC Game Cheats

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    Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast Multiple Cheats: message: While in game push shift and the button behind 1 it looks like that.(i dont know if its diffrent on a american keyboard but its that key on an english keyboard) After doing this the console will be brought down now type 'devmapall' after doing this the cheat mode is activated, then enter the following codes; code-effect god-god mode on noclip-enables palyer to fly though walls notarget - Enemies Ignore You kill - Kill Yourself map saberColor 1, 2, 3, 4,5 etc timescale # - # can be .5 for 1/2 speed, normal 1 or 2x speed at 2, etc give all - All Weapons and Health/Armor at Max give health - Health at 100% map - jump to map, see list below give armor - Armor at 100% give ammo - Ammo at 100% give force - get force power give batteries - max battery give inventory - max inventory give X # - Give Item X (# = amount)(X = Weapon) undying - 999 health and armor levelshot - screen shot without console where - Warp Setforceall 9 - This allows you all force powers, along with two new saber styles, and a new Jedi Mind Trick. Jedi Mind Trick now possesses enemies, lots of fun. g_saberrealisticcombat 1 - With this code when you use the lightsaber you'll now chop people in half, chop off their heads, etc. Stormtroopers and such will grab at their chopped off hand as they're dying setviewpos - ???? force_heal - use force heal taunt - kyle taunts (map to a key if you want) victory - End level fly_xwing - Fly an X-Wing drive_atst - Ride an ATST screenshot - Screenshot thereisnospoon - bullet time map pit - go to pit level Double Light Saber - Multiplayer Only: 1. Start a multiplayer game. 2. Select Lightsaber and turn it off (Press 1 twice). 3. Activate Console. 4. Type devmap [mapname] (example: devmap ffa_yavin). 5. type /THEDESTROYER into the console. Force Powers (Can set them to 1, 2, 3. example setForceHeal 2): setForceJump setSaberThrow setForceHeal setForcePush" setForcePull" setForceSpeed" setForceGrip setForceLightning setMindTrick setSaberDefense setSaberOffense setForceAll Map Names: kejim_post kejim_base artus_mine artus_detention artus_topside valley yavin_temple yavin_trial ns_streets ns_hideout ns_starpad bespin_undercity bespin_streets bespin_platform cairn_bay cairn_assembly cairn_reactor cairn_dock1 doom_comm doom_detention doom_shields yavin_swamp yavin_canyon yavin_courtyard yavin_final pit ctf_bespin ctf_imperial ctf_ns_streets ctf_yavin duel_bay duel_jedi duel_pit duel_carbon ffa_bespin ffa_deathstar ffa_imperial ffa_ns_hideout ffa_ns_streets ffa_raven ffa_yavin Spawn Characters: npc spawn [character] Spawn Character (Use list below) Stormtrooper Desann GranBoxer Luke Tavion Galak_Mech rodian Lando Reelo ShadowTrooper Rodian2 MorganKatarn ShadowTrooper2 RebornAcrobat MineMonster MonMothma Reborn RebornForceUser Interrogator Jan RebornFencer RebornBoss Atst Kyle Trandoshan Weequay probe Jedi Weequay2 Weequay3 Imperial Jedi2 Weequay4 Gran ImpOfficer JediF Gran2 GranShooter ImpCommander JediTrainer StormTrooper StormTrooper2 STOfficer StormPilot STOfficerAlt STCommander SwampTrooper SwampTrooper2 RocketTrooper saber mopds: To improove the best wepon in the game hold the shift kea and hit the ~ key. Next type helpuobi 1. Now if you want the saber to do more damage type "g_saberRealisticCmbat" with no quots, it is space and case sensitiv, then if you want a littel more damage hit 1 for a lot more damege hit 2 or 3. There is a space bitwen the comand and the number. The others work the same just cahange the last two wrords. MoveSpeed- you move faster while swinging AnimSpeed- swings are faster Easy Way to Kill Shadowtroopers: When you are about to fight a Shadow Trooper, force grip them and while they are being held in the air, throw your lightsaber at them. Let the sabe rip them apart. That kills them easily! Good Light saber Attack: When you are in a light saber duel, use the A and D keys so you move left and right. Do this while swing your saber. It will give you gots of good hits, sometimes even 1 slash kills! Special Skins: During multiplayer mode, press shift+~ this will open the console where u can eneter various codes,binds,etc. if u enter -model reborn/boss u get a cool shiny red reborn with a shiny blue arm color -model reborn/fencer u get a tealish green one -model reborn/acrobat u get a bluish one -model reborn/forceuser u get a regular red one -model morgan/ghost u get a morgan katarn as a ghost (not to be confused with kyle katarn) Short-Cut keys for cheats: To place a short-cut key in hold "shift" and in the same time press "tidle key" (This is found left of the No.1) Type in (bind X "Y") X=The key you want the short-cut to be. Y=The name of the cheat. Eg. (bind k "god") If you press k now, GOD should be activated. R2D2: hold shift ~ then type npc spawn r2d2. well there you have it an r2d2 to battle with Play any character: setForceAll 1138: this cheat allows you to play any other character for a brief time when you use F4: (jedi mind trick on them) Star Wars Jedi Knight 2- Jedi Outcast

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