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Welcome to the Game Cheats Zone. We bring you all the latest Cheat Codes along with Ps2 Cheats. If you're interested in Cheat Codes then this is the site for you! We offer game cheats and codes for the xbox, dreamcast, gameboy, n64, playstation 1 and 2 and cheats for your PC.

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Star Trek DS9- The Fallen PC Game Cheats

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    Star Trek DS9: The Fallen Lots of Health: During Gameplay press TAB then put in the code set plyr.ds9_siskoeva health 99999. Note: Some levels require the use of set plyr.ds9_sisko health 99999. You can also substitute sisko with other player names KIRA, KIRAEVA, WORF, WORFEVA, KIRACARD Level Skip (Hex Edit): Find the file system\ds9.ini in your game directory and replace the LocalMap= with one of the following map names M01_KiraL1A.dsm M01_KiraL2.dsm M01_KiraL1B.dsm M01_SiskoL1B.dsm M01_SiskoL1A.dsm M01_WorfL1.dsm M03_KiraL2.dsm M03_KiraL1B.dsm M03_KiraL1A.dsm M03_SiskoL2.dsm M03_SiskoL1A.dsm M03_SiskoL1B.dsm M03_WorfL2.dsm M03_WorfL1.dsm M04_KiraL1.dsm M04_SiskoL1.dsm M04_WorfL1b.dsm M04_WorfL1a.dsm M05_KiraL1.dsm M05_SiskoL1b.dsm M05_SiskoL2.dsm M05_Siskol1a.dsm M05_WorfL1.dsm M05_WorfL2.dsm M06_SiskoL1B.dsm M06_SiskoL1A.dsm M06_SiskoL1C.dsm M06_WorfL1B.dsm M06_WorfL1A.dsm M06_WorfL1C.dsm M07_KiraL2.dsm M07_KiraL1.dsm M07_SiskoL1A.dsm M07_SiskoL3A.dsm M07_SiskoL1B.dsm M07_SiskoL2.dsm M07_SiskoL3B.dsm M07_WorfL3.dsm M07_WorfL2B.dsm M07_WorfL2A.dsm M07_WorfL1.dsm M10_KiraL2.dsm M10_KiraL1B.dsm M10_SiskoL2.dsm M10_SiskoL1B.dsm M10_SiskoL1A.dsm M10_WorfL2.dsm M10_WorfL1B.dsm M10_WorfL1A.dsm M11_KiraL1.dsm M11_SiskoL1a.dsm M11_SiskoL1b.dsm M11_WorfL1.dsm TrainingRoom.dsm Entry.dsm DS9_Ops.dsm DS9_Promenade.dsm You can also use one of these names to get cinematic cut scenes: CM01a_SW.dsm CM01b_SW.dsm CM04_Lab.dsm CM05_Kira.dsm CM06_SW_Capture.dsm CM10_KiraL1A.dsm CM10_SWK_L3.dsm Cm11B_SWK.dsm CM11_LabRitual.dsm CM_ArdPrison.dsm CM_Defiant.dsm CM_Endcredits.dsm CM_GlobalSpace.dsm CM_SpaceStation.dsm CM_Worf_Endgame.dsm GCM11end_WraithObk.dsm Jump Higher: During Gameplay press TAB then put in the code set plyr.ds9_siskoeva jumpz 1000 or it may be required to put in set plyr.ds9_sisko jumpz 1000 Energy Beacon: During Gameplay press TAB then put in the code set plyr.ds9_flashlight charge 9999 Ammo: You can get more ammo for your weapons by setting the AMMOAMOUNT variable of a ammo class to a higher value, e.g. set plyr.ds9_sisko.ds9_phaserammo ammoamount 5000 the classes are: ds9_phaserammo ds9_federationphaserrifleammo ds9_federationphaserminedummyammo ds9_photongrenadelauncherammo etc., so basically "ds9_" plus the weapon's name plus "ammo". prepend that to plyr. where is either of ds9_sisko, ds9_siskoeva (environmental protection suite), ds9_kira, ds9_kiraeva, ds9_kiracard, ds9_worf, ds9_worfeva. Note that the Phaser and BajoranPhaser ammo classes need a corresponding value for "maxammo", otherwise they will decharge back to 100 if you increase the ammoamount. All Weapons: During Gameplay press TAB then put in the code set plyr.ds9_sisko weapons Star Trek DS9- The Fallen

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