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Heavy Metal F-A-K-K- PC Game Cheats

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    Heavy Metal F.A.K.K.

    Various Cheats:
    Before play go to the video/audio console then to advanced options then to checkmark console. Now during play get the console by pressing the ~ key. Now enter one of the following codes.
    noclip - No Clipping mode

    god - invincibility mode

    notarget - Monsters ignore you

    giveall - More everything!

    give health - 100 health

    eventlist - shows all console commands

    map # - Go to certain map. See list below


    Spawning Items:
    To spawn in items and enemies (or anything else) you must open the console and then type spawn [itemname].tik. For example, to spawn in a water ampoule, type spawn item_waterampoule.tik and you'll see one appear in the game world just in front of Julie. Don't forget to add .tik to the end of the item name, or it won't work...
    Detonators ammo_flashbangs
    Gasoline (flamethrower) ammo_gascan
    Gassyerass plants (sling) ammo_gasplant
    Bullet Clip (pistols) ammo_gunclip
    Meteorite (sling) ammo_meteor
    Plasma (crossbow) ammo_plasma
    Rockets (rocket launcher) ammo_rockets
    Shells (shotgun) ammo_shell
    Bullet Clip (uzi) ammo_uziclip
    Bolts (left in from an early version when the crossbow would use bolts) ammo_bolt
    Rock (left in from an early version when the sling would have ammo) ammo_rock
    Arm Guard armor_armguard
    Knee Pad armor_kneepad
    Shoulder Pad armor_shoulderpad
    Health Fruit (big) item_bighealthfruit1
    Health Fruit item_healthfruit1
    Health Mushroom item_healthmush
    Health Plant item_healthplant
    Health Vial item_healthvial
    Water Ampoule (big) item_bigwaterampoule
    Water Ampoule item_waterampoule
    Eden Water item_edenwater
    Water Vial item_watervial
    Circle of Protection potion item_cop
    Crystal Shard item_crystalshard
    Dagger item_dagger
    Detonator item_detonator
    Fog Jewel item_fogjewel
    Bloody Shgliek item_bloodshgliek
    Heart (of the We?) item_heart
    Orb item_orb
    Blue Sword Crystal item_swordcrystal_blue
    Red Sword Crystal item_swordcrystal_red
    Small Tiki Statue item_tikismall
    Tyler Ampoule item_tyleramp
    Axe weapon_axe
    Crossbow weapon_cbow
    Chaingun weapon_chaingun
    Chainsword weapon_chainsword
    Electric Sword weapon_elecsword
    Fire Sword weapon_firesword
    Flamethrower weapon_flamethrower
    (Flamethrower Ammo?) weapon_flamethrowergas
    Flashbangs weapon_flashbang
    Pistol weapon_gun
    Horn of Conjuring weapon_horn
    Horn of Conjuring weapon_hornofconjuring
    Large Shield weapon_largeshield
    Lightsword weapon_lightsword
    Rocket Launcher weapon_rlauncher
    Shotgun weapon_shotgun
    Sling weapon_sling
    Sling (w/ Asteroids) weapon_sling_asteroid
    Sling (w/ gas) weapon_sling_gas
    Small Shield weapon_smallshield
    Soul Sucker weapon_soul
    Soul Sucker weapon_soulsucker
    Uzi weapon_uzi
    Uzis Akimbo weapon_2uzis
    Uzis Akimbo weapon_dualuzi
    Claw claw
    Creeper creeper
    Gasyerass gasyerass
    Ghost ghost
    Grawlix grawlix
    Harvester harvester
    Horde horde
    Female Lympthorn lympthorn_f
    Male Lympthorn lympthorn_m
    Recruiter recruiter
    Sea Snake seasnake
    Shgliek shgliek
    Evil Shgliek shgliek_evil
    Suckblow suckblow
    Tyler tyler
    Vymish Mama vmama

    Skip level:
    If you have gotten to a point and are stuck, or a bug is preventing you from getting to the next level, you can skip on to the next level of the game by following this procedure:

    1. In the game, go to the Audio / Video -> Advanced menu, and check the Console option.
    2. Press "Apply Changes".
    3. Press the tilde (~) key to pull down the console.
    4. Type in "map " where is replaced by the name of the level you want to go to.
    5. Type in "exec " where is replaced by the name of the level you want to go to.

    The levels in Heavy Metal: FAKK2 are as follows:

    fakkhouse - Julie's House
    training - Julie's training area
    homes1 - Eden Homes
    landersroost - Landers Roost
    creeperpens - Creeper Pens
    homes2good - Eden Marketplace
    towncenter_good - Town Center
    under - Eden Underground
    over - Eden Underground 2
    shield - Eden Shield Generator
    home2evil - Eden Market under siege!
    otto - Otto's Shop
    towncenter_evil - Towncenter Attacked!
    cliff1 - Outskirts of Eden
    cliff2 - Eden Cliffside
    swamp1 - Mooagly Swamps
    swamp2 - Deep Mooagly Swamps
    swamp3 - Swamps confrontation
    gruff - Billy Goats Gruff
    cemetery - We Cemetery
    fog - The Wind of Spirit
    water - The water of Purity
    blood - The Sanctity of Blood
    oracleway - The Bridge of reason
    oracle - Tomb of the WE

    After Training:
    This is a cool trick when you're bored!
    When you've finished the training mission, try to stun one of those weird mutated walibi's called "schleeks". If you caught one, throw it in the fountain and see what happens !!
    Now that's a nice pet!!

    Heavy Metal F-A-K-K-

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