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Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone PC Game Cheats

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    Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone

    Various Cheats:
    During gameplay, type any of the following "Codes":
    HarryDebugModeOn = Debug Mode (All Levels) F7 to Clear
    HarryGetsFullHealth = Full Health
    HarrySuperJump = Super Jump
    HarryNormalJump = Big Jump
    HarryTriggerCheat - 15 beans
    HarryKoresh - ???
    HarrySuperKoresh - ???
    HarryKorwalk - ???

    How To Get Pass The Moving Potions Part:
    To get pass the potion part where you see the stairs don't go down it stand facing the potion table while you are standing there do the super jump code

    Broomstick Lessons:
    If you can't get through the broomstick lesson, try going to the secret area. First, pick up a few rings. Then, go to the picture on the building (it looks kind of like a stained glass window-high up on building.) Get the beans and the card. Go to Madam Hooch and she'll tell you you're the first student that has found the secret area in a while.

    What the beans do:
    When you get all of the yellow beans, talk to Fred and george and they will tell you the password. The portrait is in the entrance hall(well, the door leading to it is.) In here, you will get a Nimbus 2000.

    When you get all the blue beans, talk to fred and george, and they will tell you a password. The portrait is in a passage which you will see while going to gargoyle gate. Here you will get Quidditch armor.(?)

    When you get all the green beans, go to fred and george and they will tell you a password. The portrait is actuall right next to them. Here you will get a famous witches and wizards card.

    When you get all th red beans, go to fred and george and they will give you a password. The portrait is above them on the side that doesn't have the book shelves, then go in the door in that room. Here you will get a duo flipendo knockback upgrade. (it turns red and is more powerful i guess.

    How to beat all the bosses:
    Draco Malfoy 1-
    When he throws wizard crackers at you, run over them and you will pick it up then throw it at him with X when he stops 2 throw another one. Hit him about 4-5 times. Then another guy will come out and do a stupid muscle thing.Malfoy will now throw big crackers at you. (you cannot pick these up). The other guy will throw little ones at you so you can throw them at Malfoy. Then another guy will come out. Just repeat what you just did.

    When he is flying in the air and about to hit you, throw a charged flipendo knockback jinx at him. Repeat 2 more times, and he will die. Then use the levitating spell on him and put him back on the stone tower where he started. He will give you three b.b.every flavor beans.

    Draco Malfoy(2)-
    This time you are on a broomstick, so all you have to do is get close to him and press square so you can charge at him. Repeat about 10-15 times.

    I might be missing one or two but the boss that I think is next is....

    Lord Voldemort(part one)-
    When he stands right in front of a pillar, hit the pillar with a charged flipendo knockback jinx. It will fall on him. When he hits you with the ropes, keep pressing square to break them.Repeat about 10-15 times.

    Lord Voldemort(part 2)-
    When he is in front of, or behind the Mirror of Erised, Throw 2 charged flipendo knockback jinxes at the oppisite side of the mirror and it will hurt him. Watch out for the large green blast he throws at you, because when you get hit by this it means instant death.

    Lord Voldemort/ P. Quirrel(part 3)-
    I guess he is choking you or something but anyways, keep pressing square as fast as possible repeatedly, and either press X and square at the same time repeatedly, or just press square repeatedly and then press X when it tells you to(do this quickly)

    There. you won, but now I can't figure out what to do. Every time you load your game, it shows you your cards, and then when you press triangle, it laughs and takes you back 2 the main menu.please tell me what to do!

    How to beet the Devils Snare:
    First, you have to put on the aiming mode(triangle). Next,you have to shoot all the tentacles that turn light green, then a large tentacle will grow out in the middle of the stump. Go to the exact right spot so the tentacle cantry to hurt you but it can't and after the first whip, shoot a charged knockback jynx and it will blink red once and keep doing this until it looks drousey,then use the Incendio spell and the gate will open and it will die.

    Another Flying Lesson:
    When you leave the building to go to herbology just behind the stairs Which Lead you outsite the castle there is a boy that say's quidich triles are on. Go behind him and there is a door go in there for flying lessons. You have the chance to earn three gold wing medals and you get 25 house points for passing. (First go bad and get a bronze, try again and get silver, then try again and get gold. If you do this for each three by the end you will have 225 house points. Also it is easier if you have the nimbus 2000 but you can do it with out it.)

    Getting the feather:
    To get the feather at Eylops owl emporium, pick up the the treats and throw them at the owl in the cemter. Time your throw carefully, because if you don't the other owls will eat the feed.

    Fighting Malfoy:
    When you are fighting Malfoy in the entrance hall stand far away and let him throw the crackers at you. Dodge them so that they fall on the ground. Pick them up and throw them at Malfoy quickly.

    Gingotts Tip:
    If you are on the the third level of collecting the scrolls at Gringotts and you are having problems make sure to get the first scroll first. If you do not, none of the other scrolls will appear.

    Secret Balcony:
    Its not exactly a code but a hint. When you enter the room where Nearly Headless Nick tells you how to move an extra large flipendo block leave it where it is and climb the stairs and run onto the block. From there go to the balcony across from it where, you will find a web there. Hit it with a flipendo and you will get 5 house points for gryfindor and a chocolate frog.

    More secret passages:
    There are secret passages out in the hogwarts grounds.The way into them looks like a discolored section of wall

    Flying Lesson:
    After you have completed Flying Lesson and attend a different class, go back to the Flying Lesson. Go in and then you will see what looks like glowing butterflies. Catch all of them and Madam Hooch will award Gyffindor 20 or 25 house points.

    Bookcase Hint:
    All the non climbable bookcases can be opened. Try it and find 11 of the 17 cards!!

    How to beat Lord Voldermort:
    Once you have put fluffy to sleep,beet the devil snare, got past the chess game and made the troll fall down the pit, Hermione will have opened the door. A game is played. The knight you'll need is the with the sheild.Keep you eye on the bell he's under, then hit the bell with you spell, and use two charged Knockback Jynx on it.p.s. He'll have a shield so wait till he has swing at you then use your charged spell on him. DO this again an hell, die and drop a potion youll have drink it,and run through th fire. In the next room there will be 4 knights, repeat what you did before. A giant knight will then appear. Get close to him, wait for him swing,run out the way and hell become visible and shoot him with a charged spell and keep doing this for 5 to 6 times and you'll defeat him. Go across the bridge and in to the other room.To get past part 1 of Lord V. wait till he's next to pillar
    and use a charged spell on the pillar. Ropes will stop you from moving, so just press square over and over again. Part 2.This is simple: wait till he's on the other side of the mirror and use charged spells on the mirror for 3 times and repeat,
    dodge his spells. Part three: Press square and x together repeatedly and a quick fire pad wont work, I've tried. Watch the end sequence and save your game.

    Easy way to learn spells:
    To make the spells easy to learn u have to do the shape in one direction and then when u have gone one way go over the parts u have missed in the other direction.

    U should get over the pass mark and get 25 points for griffyndor

    Extra Beans:
    To get some extra beans, on every armor statue(metal) try casting the flipendo spell on it. When you have done alohomora try casting that on most paintings. You can usually get around 5-6 extra beans quite frequently.

    Beat Draco:
    When you're fighting Draco Malfoy with the crackers don't bother throwing them back at him just go right up to him and then back off as soon as he's thrown a cracker. The cracker will then explode on him without even throwing it at him!

    Enter the Secret Room behind the Mirror:
    This isn't really a code but if you didn't know this already it is good to know. After you learned a few spells like flipendo and the spell that opens locked doors you can go through mirrors! When you are playing a game and you see this really shiny mirror that has only your reflection in it cast a spell on the mirror. Once you do that the mirror will open or it will look really foggy, and cloudy in the room. Go right up to it and climb in.. inside there are usually many things. Sometimes a box with a chocolate frog, some with beans inside, sometimes places that lead to wizard cards, and even to secret rooms!

    Extra house points:
    After playing Quidditch against Hufflepuff, find Horklump patch and use your Wingardium Leviosa spell on each Horklump. Get all the beans from each and get lots of house points!

    Hidden Chests:
    After you have learned the Alohomora charm, Hermione will show you how to use it on a door and a chest.

    After you have got the card from the mirror and opened the other door, you go into the room with lots of people in it all runing in to class. DONT FOLLOW THEM!!

    Instead go and charm the middle book case then go and charm the portrait that is opposit the book case, after you have got the beans, charm the two suits of armor after you have charmed then a both 3-4 times and got all the beans out of them, a panel in the hole in the wall will slide up and you have three chests full of stuff!

    Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone

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