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Welcome to the Game Cheats Zone. We bring you all the latest Cheat Codes along with Ps2 Cheats. If you're interested in Cheat Codes then this is the site for you! We offer game cheats and codes for the xbox, dreamcast, gameboy, n64, playstation 1 and 2 and cheats for your PC.

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Force 21 PC Game Cheats

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    Force 21

    Cheat List:
    Press ENTER, then enter one of the cheats below. Press ENTER again to activate it.
    Alternate view: stratperspective
    Center camera on unit: centermass
    Change blue light: ambb
    Change green light: ambg
    Change red light: ambr
    Control the camera's maximum height: maxheight
    Control the camera's maximum pitch: maxpitch
    Control the camera's minimum height: minheight
    Control the camera's minimum pitch: minpitch
    Damage first vehicle in present: platoon hurt
    Disable horizon: seattle
    Disable the victory check: novictory
    Disables effects of commanders: commanders
    Display current RGB light values: amb
    Display framerate: fps
    Display memory used by sound: soundbytes
    Everyone's invincible: polytheism
    Exit to windows: exit
    Farthest distance to draw fog: farfog (number)
    Farthest to draw objects/terrain: farclip (number)
    Full radar: chessmatch
    Identify selected vehicle: id
    Instant loss: hasselhoff
    Instant win: gameoverman
    Kill several enemy units: killenemy
    List targets: targetlist
    Lock vehicle: chillout
    Mark tanks with yellow triangles: neon
    Mark buildings and tanks with yellow boxes: avatar
    Nearest distance to draw fog: nearfog (number)
    Nearest distance to draw objects/terrain: nearclip
    (number) No textures on tactical map: grid
    Polluted sky: london
    Remove trees: amazon
    Reveal enemy positions: ispy
    Scale models to x times original size: scalemodel(0-255)
    Set acceleration speed: scaleacceleration (0-255)
    Set the blue direction of light: dirb (number)
    Set the camera height: cameraheight (number)
    Set the green direction of light: dirg (number)
    Set travel speed: scalespeed (0-255)
    Set turning speed: scaleturn (0-255)
    Force 21

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