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Command and Conquer- Red Alert 2 PC Game Cheats

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    Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2

    Excellent base defense:
    (1)Make 10-12 yuris and place them all around your base.
    (2)put them as team1 (ctrl+1) then when an enemy attacks use the yurys 2nd attack. this should destroy most of the attacking force.

    Good Use of the V3:
    If you play as the soviets, one of the best way to use the V3 Rocket is to have about 3 Rhino tanks for each V3 Rocket to protect them. If you have about 5 V3 Rockets and 12 - 15 Rhino tanks you can take out a medium base! One of the reasons is that the V3 Rocket fire very long!

    The Magic School Bus (Soviet):
    Take a Yuri and mind control a school bus (if they're on the map). You can put five infantry into the Bus and drive it into an enemy base, they won't fire on it.

    Libyan Cheat:
    Build five or six demolition trucks. Make sure you have a fully charged Iron Curtain. Send the Trucks into an enemy base, before they come in range of their weapons, cast the Iron Curtain on them. They'll be invincible until they reach their target, at which point they'll still explode even with the Curtain on.

    Chrono Legionnaire (1):
    Put one Chrono Legionnaire inside an Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)
    to make a Chrono Fighting Vehicle.

    Chrono Legionnaire (2):
    Chrono Legionnaires packed together can zap an enemy building out of time, try it. Ten Legionnaires and above give the maximum effect.

    Chronosphere Trick:
    Want to have some fun with the enemy player? Charge up the Cronosphere and use it on the enemy unit, then drop it in the water. Watch the war miner go down to the bottom! Bye bye. Also try it on ships and drop them on land. Killing an entire infantry group is fun since infantry can die under the effects of the Chronosphere. Go ahead, try it!

    Allied Advantage:
    message: In Multiplayer or skirmish mode, use spies to infiltrate all enemy battle labs. This is to train new units like the physic commando (he can use the mind control and plant C-4 on buildings). Later, if you capture the base completely (meaning all buildings) you will get the Yuri Prime.

    Super Tesler:
    Build a tesler and then put as many tesler troopers around it as you can aford.The more you have the larger range and power it has.Therefore if you have 20-30 it will be almost invincible!!

    Secret Character:

    to get crono commando just send a spy into an allied Battle

    To get PSi commando send a spy into a soviet Battle Lab

    To get Uri Prime you must be An Allied team send a spy into a Soviet battle lab and capture a soviet mcv and build a soviet base

    To get crono crazy ivan its the same just but instead of sending a spy into a soviet send him into an allied

    Note: to get a spy to work you must select him am press on the enemy troop you want to disguise as.

    Unstopable Attack:
    This hint will make any attack with the ALLIES 100% effective.

    (1) Build x amount of dogs.
    (2) Build half amount of soldiers (any type except Rocketeers)
    (3) Build the same amount of tanks as soldiers. (any type)

    Now set 2 dogs to guard a soldier and each soldier to guard a tank. Send the tanks to attack a base and they will be completely guarded. If someone attacks a soldier, the dog will tear him to bits, and if an attack on a tank is made, soldiers will take care of the problem.

    Invincible Demolition Trucks:
    Build five or six Demolition Trucks and have a fully charged Iron Curtain ready. Drive the Demolition Trucks into an enemy base and engage the Iron Curtain on them before enemy weapons can hit them. The Demolition Trucks will not explode until they reach the target.

    Trojan Bus:
    When playing as the Soviets, use a Yuri to mind control a school bus. Load five infantry units into the bus and drive it inside an enemy base. The Allies will not fire on the bus.

    View their base:
    Get yuri to control a school bus while playing as the soviets. You can send the bus into an enemy base for a look around and it will not be attacked!

    Strategy for Soviets:
    When playing as the Soviets against the Allies. Quickly build the Construction Yard, Refinery, Barracks, Radar, and War Factory. Then Build a Battle Lab. After that build one Kirov Airship. Then send the airship to the enemies base and bomb all the important stuff especially the Construction Yard. Then you are free to do what ever you want from there.

    The function of IFV:
    Here is the use of IFV:
    When a engineer is in it, it can repair other vehicles for FREE
    When a GI is in it, it has a small turret
    When a Chrono Legionnaire is in it, it has a small turret which shoots the thing chrono legionnaire shoots
    When a Yuri is in it, it use a circle of the purple color thing to attack
    When a Tanya or Psi commander is in it, it fires gun which Tanya uses
    When a terrorist or crazy ivan is in it, guess what, it becomes a suicide tank, something like demo truck =)

    Invincible Demolition Trucks:
    Build five or six Demolition Trucks and have a fully charged Iron Curtain ready. Drive the Demolition Trucks into an enemy base and engage the Iron Curtain on them before enemy weapons can hit them. The Demolition Trucks will not explode until they reach the target.

    IFV combinations:
    IFV standard = rocketlauncher
    IFV + Engineer = repaircar
    IFV + GI = M60
    IFV + Flaktrooper = flak turret
    IFV + Seal = turret with mp5 gun
    IFV + Sniper = extreme sniper
    IFV + Shocktrooper = telsa tank
    IFV + Crazy Ivan = driving atombomb
    IFV + Yuri = mind control
    IFV + Desolator = beeming turret
    IFV + ChronoTrooper = chrono tank
    IFV + Terrorist = Driving atombomb

    Plan Engineer:
    When playing a skirmish match be Allied and set MCV Repack then buy:
    1x Nighthawk Transport
    5x Engineers
    1x Spy

    1)Send the spy into a Tesla Reactor to shut down enemy power.
    2) Then, put engineers into the Nighthawk Transport and send it to the enemy base.
    3)Deploy the engineers and send them into the Construction Vehicle, drive it to your base and deploy it.

    If there are walls, destroy them with Harriers or Black Eagles.

    Command and Conquer- Red Alert 2

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