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Baldurs Gate PC Game Cheats

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    Baldur's Gate

    Hex Cheats:
    Before you do this it is wise to back up your game :) Use a text editor to edit the "Baldur.ini" file in the game directory. Add the line "Cheats=1" under the "[Game Options]" heading. Begin game play and press [Ctrl] + [Tab] to display the console window. Type one of the following case-sensitive codes, press [Enter], then press [Ctrl] + [Tab] to close the console window and activate the corresponding cheat function.

    Effect Code:
    Get Main Quest Items Cheats:CriticalItems();
    Friendly Drizzt appears Cheats:DrizztDefends();
    Hostile Drizzt appears Cheats:DrizztAttacks();
    Get 10 friendly berserk chickens Cheats:TheGreatGonzo();
    Summon Cow scroll in inventory Cheats:CowKill();
    Reveal Map Cheats:ExploreArea();
    Add Scroll Of Stone To Flesh, 5 Potions Of Healing, and 5 Antidotes to inventory Cheats:FirstAid();
    Teleport to open location if stuck Cheats:Hans();
    Get 500 Gold Cheats:Midas();
    Create Items (see list below) CLUAConsole:CreateItem("AMUL01")
    CreateCreature (see list below) CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("")
    Create X (see list below) CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP("")
    Cheat Keys(see list below) CLUAConsole:EnableCheatKeys()

    Cheat key list:
    Press one of the following keys after enabling the CLUAConsole:EnableCheatKeys() code.

    Jump to pointer [Ctrl] + J
    View final FMV sequence [Ctrl] + B
    Select FMV seqnece [Ctrl] + S
    Play selected FMV sequence [Ctrl] + A
    View game statistics [Ctrl] + D
    Turn around [Ctrl] + F

    Item name list:
    For example, CLUAConsole:CreateItem("AMUL01") will result in creating a Necklace of Missiles.

    Item Name:
    +1 CHR manual BOOK07
    +1 CON manual BOOK03
    +1 DEX manual BOOK05
    +1 INT manual BOOK06
    +1 STR manual BOOK04
    +1 WIS manual BOOK08
    Acid Arrow AROW04
    Agannazar's Scorcher SCRL1B
    Agni Mani Necklace AMUL06
    Amulet of Metaspell Influence (+1 2nd level spell) AMUL16
    Amulet of Protection +1 AMUL14
    Andar Gem MISC22
    Angel Skin Ring RING16
    Animate Dead SCRL2D
    Ankheg Plate Mail PLAT06
    Ankheg Shell MISC12
    Antidote POTN20
    Antidote POTN32
    Aquamarine Gem MISC33
    Armor SCRL67
    Arrow AROW01
    Arrow +1 AROW02
    Arrow +2 AROW11
    Arrow +2 (different graphic) AROW1A
    Arrow of Biting AROW05
    Arrow of Detonation AROW06
    Arrow of Fire AROW08
    Arrow of Ice AROW09
    Arrow of Piercing AROW10
    Arrow of Slaying AROW03
    Arrow or Dispelling AROW07
    Bandit Scalp MISC86
    Bastard Sword SW1H01
    Bastard Sword +1 SW1H02
    Bastard Sword +1, Shapeshifters SW1H03
    Battle Axe AX1H01
    Battle Axe +1 AX1H02
    Battle Axe +2 AX1H03
    Black Opal MISC38
    Blindness SCRL71
    Bloodstone Amulet AMUL13
    Bloodstone Gem MISC20
    Bloodstone Ring RING15
    Bluestone Necklace AMUL05
    Blur SCRL85
    Bolt BOLT01
    Bolt +1 BOLT02
    Bolt +2 BOLT06
    Bolt of Biting BOLT04
    Bolt of Lightning BOLT03
    Bolt of Polymorphing BOLT05
    Boots of Avoidance BOOT04
    Boots of Grounding BOOT05
    Boots of Speed BOOT01
    Boots of Stealth BOOT02
    Boots of the North BOOT03
    Bottle of Wine MISC61
    Bowl of Water Elemental Control MISC53
    Bracers BRAC05
    Bracers of Archery BRAC04
    Bracers of Defense AC 6 BRAC03
    Bracers of Defense AC 7 BRAC02
    Bracers of Defense AC 8 BRAC01
    Broken Armor MISC58
    Broken Miscellaneous MISC59
    Broken Shield MISC57
    Broken Weapon MISC56
    Buckler SHLD08
    Buckler SHLD09
    Buckler SHLD10
    Bullet BULL01
    Bullet +1 BULL02
    Bullet +2 BULL03
    Burning Hands SCRL68
    Chainmail CHAN01
    Chainmail +1 CHAN02
    Chainmail +2 CHAN03
    Charm Person SCRL69
    Chew Toy MISC63
    Child's Body MISC54
    Chill Touch SCRL82
    Chromatic Orb SCRL83
    Chrysoberyl Gem MISC30
    Clairvoyance SCRL1D
    Cloak of Balduran CLCK05
    Cloak of Displacement CLCK03
    Cloak of Non-Detection CLCK06
    Cloak of Protection +1 CLCK01
    Cloak of Protection +2 CLCK02
    Cloak of the Wolf CLCK04
    Cloudkill SCRL2E
    Club BLUN01
    Color Spray SCRL70
    Composite Long Bow BOW01
    Composite Long Bow +1 BOW02
    Cone of Cold SCRL2F
    Confusion SCRL1U
    Contaminated Iron MISC87
    Cure Critical Wounds SCRL61
    Cure Serious Wounds SCRL56
    Cursed Scroll of Stupidity SCRL18
    Cursed Scroll of Weakness SCRL10
    Dagger DAGG01
    Dagger +1 DAGG02
    Dagger +2 DAGG03
    Dagger +2, Longtooth DAGG04
    Dart DART01
    Dart +1 DART02
    Dart of Stunning DART03
    Dart of Wounding DART04
    Dead Cat MISC62
    Delorna's Statue MISC70
    Detect Evil SCRL86
    Detect Invisibility SCRL87
    Diamond MISC42
    Dimension Door SCRL1V
    Dire Charm SCRL1S
    Dispel Magic SCRL1E
    Duke Eltan's Body MISC55
    Eagle Bow BOW08
    Elixir of Health POTN17
    Emerald MISC43
    Female Body MISC79
    Fire Agate Gem MISC16
    Fire Opal Ring RING18
    Fireball SCRL1G
    Flail BLUN02
    Flail +1 BLUN03
    Flame Arrow SCRL1F
    Flame Strike SCRL62
    Flamedance Ring RING17
    Free Action SCRL58
    Friends SCRL72
    Full Plate Mail PLAT04
    Full Plate Mail +1 PLAT05
    Garnet Gem MISC34
    Gauntlets of Dexterity BRAC07
    Gauntlets of Fumbling BRAC08
    Gauntlets of Ogre Power BRAC06
    Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise BRAC10
    Gauntlets of Weapon Skill BRAC09
    Ghost Armor SCRL1T
    Ghoul Touch SCRL1C
    Girdle BELT01
    Girdle of Bluntness BELT03
    Girdle of Piercing BELT04
    Girdle of Sex Change BELT05
    Gold Necklace AMUL10
    Gold Piece MISC07
    Gold Ring RING10
    Golden Girdle BELT02
    Golden Pantaloons MISC47
    Grease SCRL66
    Greenstone Ring RING14
    Halberd HALB01
    Halberd +1 HALB02
    Halberd +2 HALB03
    Haste SCRL1H
    Heavy Crossbow XBOW01
    Heavy Crossbow +1 XBOW02
    Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy XBOW03
    Helm of Balduran HELM07
    Helm of Charm Protection HELM06
    Helm of Defense HELM04
    Helm of Glory HELM03
    Helm of Infravision HELM05
    Helm of Opposite Alignment HELM02
    Helmet HELM01
    Helshara's Artifact Fragment MISC69
    Hold Person SCRL1I
    Horn Coral Gem MISC35
    Horror SCRL89
    Identify SCRL75
    Idol MISC48
    Improved Invisibility SCRL1Y
    Infravision SCRL76
    Invisibility SCRL90
    Iol Gem MISC26
    Jade Ring RING13
    Jasper Gem MISC23
    Key to River Plug MISC83
    Kings Tears MISC44
    Knock SCRL91
    Know Alignment SCRL92
    Laeral's Tear Necklace (3000 gp) AMUL12
    Large Shield SHLD05
    Large Shield SHLD15
    Large Shield SHLD16
    Large Shield +1 SHLD06
    Large Shield +1, +4 vs Missiles SHLD07
    Larloch's Minor Drain SCRL84
    Leather Armor LEAT01
    Leather Armor +1 LEAT02
    Leather Armor +2 LEAT03
    Letter SCRL2I
    Letter SCRL2J
    Letter SCRL3D
    Light Crossbow XBOW04
    Light Crossbow +1 XBOW05
    Light Crossbow of Speed XBOW06
    Lightning Bolt SCRL1K
    Lock of Nymph's Hair MISC51
    Long Bow BOW03
    Long Bow +1 BOW04
    Long Bow of Marksmanship BOW07
    Long Sword SW1H04
    Long Sword +1 SW1H05
    Long Sword +2 SW1H06
    Luck SCRL93
    Lynx Eye Gem MISC17
    Mace BLUN04
    Mace +1 BLUN05
    Magic Missile SCRL77
    Magical Book BOOK01
    Male Body MISC80
    Medium Shield SHLD03
    Medium Shield SHLD13
    Medium Shield SHLD14
    Medium Shield +1 SHLD04
    Melf's Acid Arrow SCRL95
    Melicamp the Chicken MISC49
    Minor Globe of Invulnerability SCRL1Z
    Mirror Image SCRL96
    Mithril Chain Mail +4 CHAN06
    Monster Summoning I SCRL1L
    Monster Summoning II SCRL2A
    Monster Summoning III SCRL2G
    Moonbar Gem MISC40
    Moonblade SW1H13
    Moonstone Gem MISC27
    Morning Star BLUN06
    Morning Star +1 BLUN07
    Mulahey's Holy Symbol MISC85
    Necklace AMUL02
    Necklace of Missiles AMUL01
    Neutralize Poison SCRL59
    Non-Detection SCRL1M
    Normal Book BOOK09
    Nymph Cloak CLCK07
    Oil of Firey Burning POTN13
    Oil of Speed POTN14
    Oil of Speed POTN23
    Onyx Ring RING12
    Pearl MISC36
    Pearl Necklace AMUL11
    Plate Mail +1 PLAT02
    Plate Mail Armor PLAT01
    Potion of Absorption POTN18
    Potion of Agility POTN19
    Potion of Clarity POTN21
    Potion of Cloud Giant Strength POTN06
    Potion of Cold Resistance POTN22
    Potion of Defense POTN24
    Potion of Explosions POTN26
    Potion of Fire Giant Strength POTN05
    Potion of Fire Resistance POTN02
    Potion of Firebreath POTN27
    Potion of Fortitude POTN28
    Potion of Freedom POTN45
    Potion of Frost Giant Strength POTN04
    Potion of Genius POTN29
    Potion of Healing POTN08
    Potion of Healing POTN25
    Potion of Heroism POTN09
    Potion of Hill Giant Strength POTN03
    Potion of Infravision POTN30
    Potion of Insight POTN43
    Potion of Insulation POTN31
    Potion of Invisibility POTN10
    Potion of Invulnerability POTN11
    Potion of Invulnerability POTN40
    Potion of Magic Blocking POTN33
    Potion of Magic Protection POTN34
    Potion of Magic Shielding POTN35
    Potion of Master Thievery POTN36
    Potion of Mind Focusing POTN37
    Potion of Mirrored Eyes POTN38
    Potion of Perception POTN39
    Potion of Power POTN41
    Potion of Regeneration POTN42
    Potion of Stone Form POTN46
    Potion of Stone Giant Strength POTN12
    Potion of Storm Giant Strength POTN07
    Potion of Strength POTN44
    Protection from Acid SCRL03
    Protection from Cold SCRL04
    Protection from Electricity SCRL05
    Protection from Evil SCRL78
    Protection from Fire SCRL06
    Protection from Magic SCRL07
    Protection from Normal Missiles SCRL1N
    Protection from Petrification SCRL15
    Protection from Petrification SCRL73
    Protection from Poison SCRL08
    Protection from Undead SCRL09
    Quarterstaff STAF01
    Quarterstaff +1 STAF02
    Rabbit's Foot MISC88
    Rainbow Obsidian Necklace AMUL07
    Raise Dead SCRL63
    Red Potion POTN15
    Resist Fear SCRL94
    Ring RING01
    Ring of Animal Friendship RING03
    Ring of Clumsiness RING04
    Ring of Energy RING20
    Ring of Fire Resistance RING02
    Ring of Folly RING23
    Ring of Free Action RING09
    Ring of Holiness RING22
    Ring of Infravision RING21
    Ring of Invisibility RING05
    Ring of Protection +1 RING06
    Ring of Protection +2 RING07
    Ring of Wizardry RING08
    Robe of Electrical Resistance CLCK11
    Robe of Fire Resistance CLCK10
    Robe of Cold Resistance CLCK09
    Rogue Stone MISC45
    Ruby Ring RING19
    Samuel (body) MISC13
    Scimitar +3, Frostbrand SW1H15
    Shadow Armor LEAT08
    Shadow Door SCRL2H
    Shandon Gem MISC32
    Shield SCRL79
    Shield Amulet AMUL15
    Shocking Grasp SCRL80
    Short Bow BOW05
    Short Bow +1 BOW06
    Short Sword SW1H07
    Short Sword +1 SW1H08
    Short Sword +2 SW1H09
    Short Sword of Backstabbing SW1H10
    Silver Necklace AMUL09
    Silver Ring RING11
    Skull MISC50
    Skull Trap SCRL1P
    Skydrop Gem MISC21
    Sleep SCRL81
    Sling SLNG01
    Sling +1 SLNG02
    Slow SCRL1O
    Small Shield SHLD01
    Small Shield SHLD11
    Small Shield SHLD12
    Small Shield +1 SHLD02
    Spear SPER01
    Spear +1 SPER02
    Spear +3, Backbiter SPER03
    Spell Book BOOK02
    Spell Scroll SCRL02
    Sphene Gem MISC37
    Spider Body MISC60
    Spider's Bane SW2H06
    Splint Mail CHAN04
    Splint Mail +1 CHAN05
    Star Diopside Gem MISC31
    Star Saphire(sic) MISC41
    Stinking Cloud SCRL97
    Strength SCRL98
    Studded Leather Armor LEAT04
    Studded Leather Armor +1 LEAT05
    Studded Leather Armor +2 LEAT07
    Studded Leather Armor +2, missile attraction LEAT06
    Studded Necklace with Zios Gems AMUL04
    Sunstone Gem MISC18
    Tchazar Gem MISC24
    Telescope MISC64
    The Candle MISC74
    The Claw of Kazgaroth MISC72
    The Horn of Kazgaroth MISC73
    Throwing Axe AX1H04
    Throwing Axe +2 AX1H05
    Throwing Dagger DAGG05
    Tiger Cowrie Shell Necklace AMUL08
    Turquoise Gem MISC19
    Two Handed Sword SW2H01
    Two Handed Sword +1 SW2H02
    Two Handed Sword, Berserking SW2H03
    Vampiric Touch SCRL1Q
    Violet Potion POTN16
    Wand of Fear WAND02
    Wand of Fire WAND05
    Wand of Frost WAND06
    Wand of Lightning WAND07
    Wand of Magic Missiles WAND03
    Wand of Monster Summoning WAND10
    Wand of Paralyzation WAND04
    Wand of Polymorphing WAND09
    Wand of Sleep WAND08
    Wand of the Heavens WAND11
    War Hammer HAMM01
    War Hammer +1 HAMM02
    War hammer +2 HAMM03
    Water Opal MISC39
    Waterstar Gem MISC28
    Web SCRL99
    Winter Wolf Pelt MISC01
    Wraith Form SCRL1R
    Wyvern Head MISC52
    Ziose Gem MISC29
    Zircon Gem MISC25


    Creature and NPC name examples:
    The name that is entered in CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("") must be six characters or less. If the desired character has a name longer than that, only enter the first six letters. Some examples include:

    Gibberling CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Ray")
    Khalid CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Khalid")
    Jaheira CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Jaheir")
    Noober CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Noober")
    Rufie CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Rufie")
    Flaming Fist Mercenary CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Flame")
    Angelo CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Angelo")
    Guard CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Guard")
    Ogre Mage CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Droth")
    Flaming Fist wizard CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Flamwiz")
    Dilos CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Flma13")
    Drizzt CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Drizzt")
    Elminster CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Elmins")

    Go to the Baldur.ini file under "[Movies]" and add the lines below.

    Baldur's Gate=1

    Cow Dungeon:
    After using the Summon Cow Scroll above, click on the cow several times to go to a hidden cow dungeon

    Hidden Ring Of Wizardy:
    Press L to see current X,Y coordinates for your mouse cursor. Go to x-2546, y-3507 on the Friendly Arms Inn Map to get a Ring of Wizardry which doubles 1st level spells

    Big money:
    Press CTRL+Tab Then type CLUAConsole:AddGold("***")the stars just mean any number ex ("999999999")
    Info submitted byRicky (ricky.layes@home.com) on Thursday, August 19, 1999 at 18:26:34

    Quick Cash:
    First put potions in all of your quick item slots.Now switch to the inventory screen and replace the rightmost potion with a gem. Now return to the adventure screen. Notice the picture of the potion you replaced with a gem still looks like a potion. Click it multiple times and return to the inventory screen. The number of gems should change from 1 to no number at all. Switch back to adventure screen and repeat the process...now you should have 65,000 gems.

    Quick Level Gain and Easy Money:
    When starting the game in the Town of Candlekeep do all the "Quests" (errands for guards, and other characters). That means anything that gives experience. Once you have done this go to the Character Screen and export your character. End the game and start a new game and import character. This allows you to start the game with the amount of experience that you had gained. Repeat until satisfied. If you started game as thief or strong warrior and thief has high enough lockpicking skills. You may bust or unlock a chest in the starting Inn on the second floor, that contains a gem that is worth 1,000 gold pieces. --submitted by fanatic

    Combat trick for low level party:
    This tactic requires two clerics/druids to be effective. One cleric heads into a zone you know has a pack of monsters, after casting sanctuary on himself. The monters cannot harm him, but they all focus on him. Next the Druid drops an entangle on the pack of monsters. Then the party opens up with missle fire and kills the helpless creatures. This will not work against enemies that have ranged attacks, but it helped our first level party kill packs of wolves & spiders with no trouble. --submitted by morehtml@hotmail.com

    Getting the most out of your Bard:
    Equip your Bard with a bow. When you enter combat start attacking a foe. After the first arrow fires click on Bardsong. Your Bard should keep shotting at the current target until it dies, plus you get the advantage of the song. You will need to manually pick a target after the first monster drops, and start the song over as well. --submitted by morehtml@hotmail.com

    Thief Spotting to help low level party:
    Here is a strategy that I have been using to help my 1st level party handle some pretty tough encounters... Have a thief with high Stealth "spot" for your party (my thief scouts everywhere finding enemies before the rest of my party shows up). How do you get high stealth? Well, you could dump all your starting points into it OR there is some boots available early on that pump it up 35%, so getting a 70-80% stealth with a 1st level character is easy.

    Anyway, make sure your fighters can use bows or crossbows. Your Stealthy thief can walk in range of enemies to spot them, and your other party members will engage the enemy with missiles 1 or 2 spaces OUTSIDE of the monsters visible range, thereby the monster will **usually** just stand there and get pummelled till he dies.

    Try it, it works. My band of 1st level character destroyed Bassilus' party without a single casualty in this manner (heheh, took a couple tries tho :) Hope this helps.

    How to handle ranged attacks:
    For those (extremely irritating) encounters with ranged attack foes (of any variety, but mostly black talon elite, ankheg, kobold commandoes), try keeping one character equipped with all of your anti-ranged attack eq (e.g. girdle of piercing defense, those boots you can pick up, large shield, etc...). You can get this character to something like -12 against ranged (even better against arrows). Have this character engage the enemies by him/herself. The enemies will concentrate fire on this person (to little effect) leaving you to bring in the rest of the party to clean up....

    ...or, just use a couple fireballs...

    p.s. I have found wands of monster summoning to be about the most
    helpful items in the game...

    Where to Find Characters to join in the Group:
    You can Find Two adventures right in the Start after Gorion gets killed. They are a thief and a Mage on the Eastern edge of the map, (This is after the Thief from Candle keep Joins) They Insist that you take them to Nashkel, However if you have the Spell Detect Evil you will find that they are both Evil Characters. After they Join go to the Friendly Arms Inn, there you have a Fighter/Druid, and a Regular Fighter, the Druid/Fighter is a must do to the Entangle Spell, and Cure Light Wounds. Then Journey South to Nashkel, in the Middle of the Town there is a 2nd level Ranger for Service, he has the Wonder Hamster Boo with him :), there is also another 2nd level Ranger off to the western map from Bergeth, but you can only find him at night.... After you descend into the Mines, and Kill the Head Hancho
    at the Bottom level, there is a Second level Magic user for Service, and he has a very nifty Sword also. (this Magic User can use only this Special Sword, but its nice because he has something else to fight with). As you can tell there is more than 6 people I have mentioned, it's up to you to mix and Match, The two in the Beginning are useless... and Die easily, I just disgarded them after that to make room for others. Here is a list of my Party

    Sneak - Level 3 Paladin
    Thief - Level 3 (This is the Girl who joins in the beginning, she
    works best with a Bow)
    Fighter/Druid - Level 2 (I give her a +1 Sling.)
    Fighter - Level 3 (Good for a Sword and Shield)
    Ranger - Level 3 ( excellent with a bow)
    Magic User - Level 2 (With his Special Sword)

    After moving up levels, My Paladin has gotten the ability to cast Cure
    light Wounds Twice, therefore I have to Healers, Also Cure Poison Is a
    MUST! If somone gets poisoned then you can't rest, because they Die! You need that Spell or Potion! Until you have it, don't go near Giant Spiders or Ghouls

    Hope this Helps

    Silence 15' Radius's Usefulness

    I'm sure most parties are attacked/annoyed/agrivated when they meet an ogre mage or wizard and you can't beat it. If you have a cleric who can cast silence, 15' radius, HAVE THEM LEARN IT. It will prevent mages of ANY type from casting spells until the spell wears off. Very useful spell.

    Big Money:
    NOTE: This Code Reported Incorrect If you Know the Correct Code Submit it If this code Works/Doesnt work for you please Let Us Know!

    Try this to get some serious spending cash.
    In inventory, put a potion in each of your quick item slots. Then, replace one of the potions with a gem, preferably your most valuable one. Go out to the game, select that character and you should still see the potion in your quick item slot instead of the gem. Click quickly and repeatedly on the slot with the "bogus" potion. Do this for about 2-3 minutes (I'm not sure how long it takes, but I believe that clicking very quickly is the key) and the go back to your inventory. If the gem no longer has a number by it move the cursor over it, and it should now show 65,535(FFFF) gems. Depending on the value, I've gotten as much as 12 MILLION gold from the sale of this treasure.
    This Info submitted by Beaner on Sunday, March 28, 1999 at 17:16:41

    Quick cash or equipment:
    When you first start, you have access to magical weapons right at the begining. First go to the training room. The mage there will summon some allies and monsters. Kill all the monsters and steal your allies equipment. Export your guy before leaving the room and then restart. You should get some healing potions a wand of the heavens, wand of magic missles, +1 shield and some other items.
    Info submitted by
    The Black Wolf on Friday, March 5, 1999 at 02:38:41

    Character selection logic:
    For your main character starting the game as anything but a human
    fighter class is a waste of time. Here is my logic ( I have been playing/ DMing DnD for 12 years) In the end of the game the most powerful classes are spell casters, but in the beginning they are by far the weakest. So since you "lose" the game if you main guy dies you want to have him be some thing that can take some hits, best for that is a straight fighter type since they dont split hps like a multi class and can wear some heavy armor. Once you get to the point in the game where your party is all 3rd lvl + you can start to think about changing your main guys class to one of the spellcasting classes. This works out well
    for you for alot of reasons. First your main guy now will have a ton
    more hps then he should for being a mage or cleric, at this point you
    will be fighting stuff that gives more exp so you will gain back those
    lower lvls very fast, and once you pass your old fighter lvl you will be
    a mage that can really do some good damage in combat with a weapon if they have too. To do this think ahead and make sure that you have
    either good Int or Wis when you make your guy so you are ready when the time comes to change. --submitted by morehtml@hotmail.com

    Combat Tips for Tougher Battles:
    I've found that the more creatures working on your side, the better your chance of winning the battles. This is becuase the tougher critters are less likely to target you if they have a dozen others breathing down their necks. To achieve this, have at least one cleric who memorizes nothing but animate deads. Also, have at least one mage with a wand of summoning creatures. For traveling in the outdoors, I camp immediately after entering a new area, and upon waking, cast all the animate dead spells I have (3 at the moment), which yields me an army of 18 skeletons. Late in Chapters 4 and 5, however there are some tough indoor battles. Again, rest before you go inside to refresh your spells. Creatures won't follow you through doorways, so you will have to cast them right when you enter. In combat situations, have the cleric and the mage (equipped with the wand of summoning) aim their first spells directly in front of any enemy archer, mage, or cleric to distract the damage. Repeat this immediately until all the enemies are surrounded,
    and pull them back. Finally, you can have your fighters/thieves equipped
    with bows starting picking off the enemies one by one while the
    skeletons/wolves/hobgoblins/knolls nibble at their heels.

    Character Addition to your party/ Higher levels quicker:
    The characters join up with you about 1 level above your current level. We all know that party experience is terrible, so here's how I beat the system. Start out as a fighter. Kill smaller things until you reach level 2. Save your game at the friendly arm inn. Go to the cleric. Attack her until you manage to kill her without her releasing a spell, or until you survive. Then go to the main inn keeper. Kill him. Together they're worth 2,000 exp (enough to go to level 3). Then go hunt Ankeg at the farm just below Baldur's Gate. Try doing this with the Paladin. The skulls are worth 500 a piece to your group at the town starting with a B which is below the beginning town(bad with names). Go to the armorer and drop all of them on the ground. Pick one up and sell it. Repeat until all sold. Go hunt more Ankheg(sp). They give 499 exp and 500 gold. When you've managed to gain a couple levels(I was level 4) Export your character. Then quit out, begin a new game, and import your old character w/out the bad rep for killing the innkeeper/cleric.

    Second-Your not done yet. Go kill all the guards in the first town. (You should be able to by now). Take their armor and place it on the ground in one location. You should get 10 or more Plate. When they're all piled up, pick them all up. Export your character. Quit out, import, begin again with all the armor. Take as many trips as it takes getting all the armor into the square next to the inn keeper(you have too, that armor's too heavy to move all at once.) And then pick it all up. Sell it all at once to the inn keeper(or else the value will go from 300 to 120). Next go spend that money on healing potions. Both the blue ones and the more expensive purple ones at the healer(get all 15 blue ones, you can stack them in your inventory at 5 each). Repeat killing of all the guards for their armor. (DO NOT KEEP MONEY IT DOES NOT EXPORT with YOU!!!)

    Third/Final- Repeat selling process once you've started over again.(Now with healing potions, money and more exp) Now go to the healer and donate 200. Then donate 300, three times. Then 400 then 500. You will get 18 popularity which will help you to get things cheaper( and after a few basic quests, one in the friendly arm retrieving a ring, you will get heroic rating (20) and things will be much CHEAPER to buy) and you should still have 1200 gold +.

    The main thing is getting to level 3 so you can effectively kill the guards. Save all your money and sell everything on the first part of this so you can have the black smith make you Ankheg armor (25 lbs., AC 1). To have him do this, after you have 4000 gold(8 ankhegs :-) ), tell him you do not wish to sell him the skull right now, but he's the one you'll go to if you change your mind. He'll offer to make the armor. You have to putz around for about 5-10 days (arg!) but then you get awesome armor.

    You can win the last battle without a scratch.

    In order to do this, you need:

    1. A thief with shadow armor, high stealth, and boots of speed
    2. 2 mages, each with wands of fire, and plenty of summon monsters
    spells and 1 haste memorized
    3. 2-3 decent fighters/paladins/rangers
    4. potions of giant strength (any variety is fine)

    basically when you enter the citadel of Bhaal, save the game. Then have
    the thief hide in shadows walk up to Sarevok without setting off the
    traps, most of which are on the skull image on the floor. Since the
    enemies cannot see you, they will not attack. at this point, have one of
    your spell casters cast a fireball right at the steps in front of
    Sarevok. this should draw out one of the mages...make sure you only draw out one mage, who will teleport really close to your party. At this
    point, have everyone but the thief attack the mage before he sets off a
    fireball. Killing him should be very easy. Then (your theif is still
    spotting for your party) have your mages cast fireballs continuously at
    the steps in front of Sarevok. Although Sarevok will take no damage, the Ogre and other mage will slowly take damage (like up to 100). You should expend 2 wands of fire doing this, but it doesnt matter since it is the final battle. If the mage and ogre are still alive, have your mage cast
    a summon monsters within visual range of Sarevok Immediately have the monsters attack Sarevok. This is the funny part because the mage and ogre will show themselves even though they have like 10 hit points now. The dumb mage will cast a huge fireball right at the summoned monsters and kill all the summoned monsters, kill himself, and kill the ogre. Now have your thief come back to the party (who should always remain at the citadel's entrance, and save the game. Killing Sarevok requires brute force because he is magic resistant. Haste every one. Have your fighters drink the potions of giant strength. Have your thief walk within visual range of him, and start shooting arrows at him. He will follow the thief, so you should lure sarevok within visual range of the party. Then have your mages cast summon monsters right in front fo sarevok. He will begin killing the monsters like crazy (1 hit = 1 kill) but while he is distracted you can continue plinking him with the thief and mages while your hasted, giant strength fighters walk up and cut him to ribbons.

    Stop those pesky Basilisks:
    Cast Animated dead to have some skeletons come to your aid. They stay around for 8 game hours and you can command them just like your normal characters. Send a scout (either hidden in shadows or invisible) to find the basilisks. Have the skeletons attack the Basilisks as they are not affected by the flesh to stone attack (hehe they have no flesh you see). While the basilisks are fighting the skeletons move you team in and whack them with missiles.

    As they last 8 hours, you can scout a whole map area. You get one skeleton per level of caster.

    PS This strategy works with wyverns and other tough creatures too!

    pesky sirines:
    Send one character in preferably a fighter of some sort. But leave the
    rest of your group well out of visual range. The Sirene will try to dire charm your fighter, but since the rest of your group is out of visual range of your fighter he will just sit there. when the spell wear's off the sirine will cast it again, (by this time their invisibility spell will have worn off as well, and they can only cast it once). When they run out of Dire charms ( I think it is 2 spells per creature) then bring in the rest of the party to help with the slaughter.

    Thief / Mage teamwork:
    Use your thief scout to spot the enemy. Then use the Mage to cast Web at the end of his visible sight before the enemy sees you. Then go to the edge of the web area and pelt them with bows. also works with any area affect spells as fireball and entangle. The thief NPC also does well with with the boots of speed checking out new areas, cities, or those pesky mines and sewers.

    Combat trick for dealing with many creatures:
    Some of the battles in baldur's gate are really hard. If your fighting
    lot's of bosses that are inside a room you can pop in with a few archers
    and mages,kill a boss with range attacks and pop back down the stairs or back out the door before the rest realize what hit'em.Another trick is with high level mages.Once you get minor globe of invulnerability you can create some really cool effects.Especially on humaniod bosses.My favorite is Stinking Cloud the bosses from off screen then put globe on a wade into the cloud.Next pop off 3 fireballs at your feet severely injuring if not killing anyone in the area.Any survivors should fall very easily.

    Mages are the way:
    Well, Unlike Robert bartelt I feel that mages are the best choice for a
    Character. Imoen,The Thief that joins you at the very beginning, is a
    excellent bow shot. Going to the bottom of the first screen you start on
    ( not candlekeep) you find the evil guys that protect you even more and
    you don't have to go to Naskel at all, you just have to agree so they
    will join. Take the spell blindness and you can beat any human mages and fighters because they can't see you, and take Larloch's minor drain to give you a ranged attack that additionally gives you more hit points
    temporarily and leaves you back at full if you were hurt before you cast
    it. I never used a healing potion and I now have a much more well
    rounded party. The first magical weapons you receive is a
    Quarterstaff(mage) and you have 4 fighter/thief types to do the grunt
    work for you while you stand back casting magic missles and Identifying
    all the items you find. the mage is the only character type missing from
    the party once you get rid of the evil guys. Additionally when the going
    really gets tough later on you'll wish you could save VS spell and wand
    and such a little easier. Oh, and the fireballs are kinda nice too.

    To gain good equipment, get rid of the evils, and go up a level right
    away, you just go east one screen and then go to the NE corner of that
    screen and go east to the Larwood screen. Almost right away you fight a lone bandit or two that go down quick and have Leather, a long sword, and bow&arrows. go east to the druid mount and let the evils stand up front during the first attack and you hang back. Let them die so that the exp is split just between you and Imoen. Now have the Oil o speed ready and confront the Shadow druid, drink down the oil and run around doing ranged attack( magic missile wand for the mages) and keep Imoen at a distance firing her bow at normal speed. No. 2 dies and you've goten a total of 2,000 exp just for those two druids. You will lose no rep and if you didn't run right over to the screen you should have them both up a level. now go to the Inn and blind the Mirror image mage and let the guards kill him. You are now second level and you grap your other two party members and start on your way.

    Algernons cloak:
    To get a robe that increases your charisma and will give you a breath weapon that gives you control of the spells target, go to the inn at bergost where tazok is staying. there will be a fat man in the room across the hall from him named algernon, or he will be wandering around. Take imoen up there save the game and pick pocket from algernon, hopefully her pick pocket is good enough but once you get it, have it identified and you can recruit any man, beast, critter, or monster good or evil on the spot.

    Infinite money, exp, and items:
    First, start a multiplayer game. You don't have to play with someone else, but this cheat only works in multiplayer. Create two (2) or more characters. Start the game and play until you have an item you want more of. Give that item to one of your characters and export them. Then give the item to your other character and export them. Save and then load the game. on the screen where you click the skulls to say you're ready, delete your characters, then import the characters you exported in the game. Start the game and all the characters you gave the item to will start with that item. Sell the item over and over again to get money, or duplicate quest items the get exp.

    Baldurs Gate

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