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Welcome to the Game Cheats Zone. We bring you all the latest Cheat Codes along with Ps2 Cheats. If you're interested in Cheat Codes then this is the site for you! We offer game cheats and codes for the xbox, dreamcast, gameboy, n64, playstation 1 and 2 and cheats for your PC.

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Army Men- Toys in Space PC Game Cheats

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    Army Men: Toys in Space

    Cheat Codes:
    While playing a game, press [Backspace], then type "!throw me a frickin bone here" to enable cheat mode. Then, press [Backspace] and enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:
    3 AirStrikes !heavenly glory
    3 Baseballs !one time...
    3 HammerMines !spiny norman
    3 Napalm Strikes !this one goes to eleven
    3 Paratroopers !johnny ricco
    3 Recons !peep show
    3 SpaceMen Reinforcements !scotty
    9 Blue Disguise !i woke up this morning
    9 Grey Disguise !incognito
    9 Tan Disguise !no sunblock
    10 Explosives !haunt haunt haunt!
    20 Fly Swatters !harsh language
    30 Insecticide Spray !henry
    30 Mines !sprinkles
    Display frame rate !rate me
    Drop Sarge's health to almost 0 !let me down
    Enemy troops are zombies !halloween
    Extinguishes Sarge's fire !disco is dead
    God mode !captain scarlet
    God mode and items !full monty
    Heavy laser !hello neo
    Hide all enemy troops on mini-map !its dark
    Infinite Aerosol !hey dante
    Infinite Air Attacks !roody-pooh
    Infinite Bazooka !i like to keep this handy
    Infinite Flame Napalm !here's a lockpick...
    Infinite FlameThrower !patty melt
    Infinite Glue !hey stifler
    Infinite Grenades !you want some
    Infinite M80s !penny
    Infinite Magnifying Glass !the sun
    Infinite MediKit !florence
    Large explosion around Sarge !italian job
    Lose scenario !the meek
    Lose scenario !time for bed
    MineSweeper !i got two words for ya...
    Random item !mona lisa
    Reveal enemies on map !there is no spoon
    Sarge has a Flak-Jacket !whistle and flute
    Sarge has a Force Field !stay frosty
    Sarge has a Laser Rifle !mib
    Sarge has a Steriod Boost !pump me up
    Sarge on fire (but not damaged) !disco inferno
    Sniper Rifle !yippee!!!
    Summon horde of enemy troops !no one expects
    Teleport Sarge to pointer location !door
    Win scenario !cut to the chase
    Unknown !when all else fails...
    Unknown !game over
    Unknown !know your role...
    Unknown !mojo
    Unknown !oh behave
    Unknown !only human
    Unknown !sarge calibur
    Unknown !vic fontaine

    Army Men- Toys in Space

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