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Welcome to the Game Cheats Zone. We bring you all the latest Cheat Codes along with Ps2 Cheats. If you're interested in Cheat Codes then this is the site for you! We offer game cheats and codes for the xbox, dreamcast, gameboy, n64, playstation 1 and 2 and cheats for your PC.

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Age of Empires- Rise of Rome PC Game Cheats

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    Age of Empires: Rise of Rome

    Many Cheat Codes:
    To use these codes, press ENTER while playing, type in the desired code, then press ENTER again.
    STORMBILLY -- Gives you a powerful robot
    CONVERT THIS! -- Gives you a very powerful priest
    BIG MOMMA - Sportscar with a nuke launcher
    POW -- Baby on a tricyle with a super gun
    KING ARTHUR -- Turns the eagle into a dragon (no effect on the game)
    GRANTLINKSPENCE -- Turns Animals to Animal Kings
    DIEDIEDIE - All opponents Die
    E=MC2 TROOPER - Create a Super Trooper
    RESIGN - Resign
    REVEAL MAP - Show entire map
    PEPERONI PIZZA - get 100 food
    COINAGE - get 1000 gold
    WOODSTOCK - get 1000 wood
    QUARRY - get 1000 stone
    PHOTON MAN - Get Nuke Trooper
    GAIA - You control animals
    HARI KARI - commit suicide
    FLYING DUTCHMEN - Catapult ships can go on land
    NO FOG no fog of war
    STEROIDS - people and buildings instantly created
    BIG DADDY fast rocket launcer car
    KILLX - kill player X
    HOMERUN - win scenario
    BIG BERTHA - Strong heavy catapults
    ICBM - 100 range for Ballistas
    HOYOHOYO - faster, stronger priests
    DARK RAIN - Composite bowmen turn to trees
    BLACK RIDER - Horse arcers become black riders

    Age of Empires- Rise of Rome

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