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Gauntlet- Dark Legacy Gamecube Game Cheats

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    Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

    Enter INVULN as a name

    Permanent superpass with large crossbow
    Enter SSHOTS as a name.

    Permanent Pojo the Chicken
    Enter EGG911 as a name.

    Permanent Anti-Death and unlimited levitation
    Enter 1ANGEL as a name

    Permanent invisibility
    Enter 000000 as a name.

    Permanent X Ray Vision
    Enter PEEKIN as a name.

    Permanent full turbo
    Enter PURPLE as a name.

    Permanent reflect shot
    Enter REFLEX as a name.

    Permanent shrink enemy and growth
    Enter DELTA1 as a name

    Always have nine potions and keys
    Enter ALLFUL as a name

    Run quickly:
    Enter XSPEED as a name.

    Throw quickly:
    Enter QCKSHT as a name.

    10,000 gold per level:
    Enter 10000K as a name.

    Dwarf is a large jester:
    Enter ICE600 as a name.

    Dwarf in S&M costume:
    Enter NUD069 as a name.

    Jester is a stick figure with smiley face:
    Enter STX222 as a name.

    Jester is a stick figure with baseball cap head:
    Enter KJH105 as a name.

    Jester is a stick figure with Mohawk head:
    Enter PNK666 as a name.

    Knight is a Roman centurion:
    Enter BAT900 as a name.

    Knight is a ninja (sword and claws) costume:
    Enter TAK118 as a name.

    Knight is a bald man in street clothes (Sean Gugler) :
    Enter STG333 as a name.

    Knight is an orange-skirted waitress:
    Enter KAO292 as a name.

    Knight wears street clothes (Chris Sutton):
    Enter CSS222 as a name.

    Knight wears street clothes:
    Enter ARV984 as a name.

    Knight wears street clothes and baseball cap:
    Enter DIB626 as a name.

    Knight is a quarterback:
    Enter RIZ721 as a name.

    Knight wears black karate outfit with twin scythes:
    Enter SJB964 as a name.

    Knight wears black outfit and cape:
    Enter DARTHC as a name.

    Valkyrie as the grim reaper with bloody scythe:
    Enter TWN300 as a name.

    Valkyrie as a Japanese school girl:
    Enter AYA555 as a name.

    Valkyrie as a cheerleader with baton:
    Enter CEL721 as a name.

    Warrior with an ogre costume:
    Enter CAS400 as a name.

    Warrior as an Orc Boss:
    Enter MTN200 as a name.

    Warrior with a rat head:
    Enter RAT333 as a name.

    Wizard with an evil appearance:
    Enter GARM99 as a name.

    Wizard as an undead lich:
    Enter GARM00 as a name.

    Wizard as a pharaoh:
    Enter DES700 as a name.

    Wizard as an alien:
    Enter SKY100 as a name.

    Wizard as Sumner:
    Enter SUM224 as a name.

    Hint: Defeating the Dragon
    In single player mode, buy about 7 Lightning Breaths and stand directly next to him and use them. In two player mode, buy about 4 Lightning Breaths for each player and do the same thing. For three player mode, buy about 3 Lightning Bolts, and for four player mode, but two to three each.

    Hint: Defeating Plague Go to the far upper right or left. You should be directly next to his vat. This is his blind spot, and very few attacks can reach you. Just fire away at him until he is dead. Note: This is best done with two players, one on each side of his vat

    Hint: Defeating Skorne
    Enable the "10,000 gold per level" code. When you defeat the Wraith, you should have 40,000 gold. Next, shop and buy 20,000 gold worth of invincibility and 20,000 gold worth of the Hammer. When you run out of hammers, Skorne should at least have half of his life gone, and you will still have invincibility throughout the entire battle. If you run out of invincibility, use a second player as a sacrifice.

    To easily defeat Skorne in the Underworld, first defeat him in the Desecrated Temple and buy at least 10,000 gold worth of reflective shield. When you get to Skorne, wear the Gauntlets that he gave you and your reflective shield. Few of his attacks will hit you, and he will die within three minutes.

    Hint: Defeating Generals
    Fire a strong attack. The General will block it. Then, fire a turbo attack. Repeat this until they are dead. For a more powerful hit, use the turbo attack when close to them

    Hint: Defeating Guardians
    Save a lot of treasure (about 3,000 gold). Buy Hammers with it. This will give you a very long lasting Hammer that will almost kill whatever Guardian you fight. It is also difficult for them to hit you while you are attacking with this Hammer. Hammers also work best for beating on anything you cannot take down without taking a lot of damage.

    Hint: Easy experience
    Killing the Spider Queen repeatedly. She is worth the best experience. If you have some friends playing, have them use the "Defeating Bosses" trick for rapid killing. You can get two to three levels per fight depending on how long your items lasted.

    Use a total of four controllers and start a four player game. Lead all of your "decoys" into the Spider Queen's lair. Move them to the middle then kill her with your main character. After she is defeated, she will drop 44,000 gold and be worth 30,000 experience points.

    Go to any level in the Forsaken Province world. Instead of destroying a generator, keep killing the enemies.

    If you have gotten to the Plague Fiend in the Sky World, use the trick where you go to the top right or left corner and attack the Plague Fiend for an easier victory. Stay there and throw your weapon at the Plague Fiend until it dies, then collect the 5 gold pieces it drops. You should have only lost about 1000 or 2000 health, and at least gained 1 level. When you pick up all the coins, you should have about 10,000 gold. Next, go shopping and buy all the Meat you can get. Should have a lot of treasure remaining to buy other items, including add-ons to your attack, speed, defense, and magic. Repeat this until you have all the items and experience needed.

    Go to the third level of the Forsaken Province with the Antideath item available. Proceed until you get to a place with doors on both sides of it outside before the fountain. Turn Antideath on and destroy all of the doors. One will have a Black Death (which steals a level) inside. Go to it when it runs. Keep running at it and you will get a level from it because of Antideath.

    Save up about 5,000 to 10,000 gold and spend it on Invulnerability, 3-Way Shot, Quick Shot, and Fire Amulets. You should have about three or four of each. Fight the spider queen, and get close enough for all three shots to hit, but far enough away to not use close range attacks. You should kill the Spider Queen quickly with any character, gain about two levels, and still have all your health. You will also get 11,000 gold for every player to spend on upgrades and items.

    Hint: Easy gold
    Note: This trick requires two controllers. Load an existing character, then create another character with the "Invincibility" code. Go to any Boss. Have the invincible character just stand there and use your character to attack the Boss until it is defeated. It drops double the gold on a two player game, which your main character should collect. Repeat this to get as much gold as needed.

    Hint: Stronger magic:
    When you use magic, it will be stronger depending on your character's color
    Blue: Lightning potions are stronger and have better radius. Lightning shields are also larger.
    Green: Acid potions are stronger and have better radius. Acid shields are also stronger
    Red: Fire potions are stronger and have better radius. Fire shields are also stronger.
    Yellow: Light potions are stronger and have better radius. Light shields are also stronger

    Hint: Special powers
    Each character, after reaching level 25 and level 50, will gain special powers by using their magic. The powers listed will also work for the secret forms of these characters. Also, all characters at about level 75 to 90 will learn how to use their magic to heal themselves. Each time you use magic, you will gain about 3 HP multiplied by how many enemies you kill with your magic.
    Warrior or Dwarf
    Level 25: Change junk into silver.
    Level 50: Change junk into gold.
    Wizard or Sorceress
    Level 25: Purify poisoned fruit.
    Level 50: Purify poisoned meat.
    Valkyrie or Knight
    Level 25: Stop all on-screen traps for ten seconds.
    Level 50: Destroy all on-screen traps.
    Archer or Jester
    Level 25: All on-screen secret walls will flash.
    Level 50: All on-screen secret walls are destroyed.

    Hint: Maximum character attributes
    Enable the "10,000 gold per level" code. You will start the game with 10,000 gold. Go shopping and buy magic, armor, strength, or speed until you are out of gold. Return to the game and you will once again have 10,000 gold. Keep buying attribute level-ups until your character has 999 strength, 999 armor, 999 speed and 999 magic. You can also replenish your health following a tough level by buying meat until it is restored. Save your character or this will have to be repeated.

    Note: This trick requires four controllers. Make new characters, but do not save with them. Go to any Boss that you can easily defeat, such as the dragon. Have other characters just stand there or draw the Boss' attention away from you. Hammer away at the boss. When those idle characters die, do not touch that person's controller. When you finish the Boss, you will get four times the money you would normally get in one player mode. Use a small portion of this to fill up your health, and the rest to increase your stats. Repeat as needed until your stats are at maximum.

    Hint: Level 99 Sumner
    To get the level 99 Sumner, go to the second level of the Battle Grounds, and play it normally. Find the exit, then backtrack until you find a bridge. It will be towards the front of the screen. You should not have to go far to find it. Enter the trap door and get all the coins. Note: You may need to unlock all the other secret characters first. When collecting all the coins, start on the right side. This level is very difficult and may require a few attempts. Sumner's stats are:

    Level: 99
    Strength: 999
    Speed: 999
    Armor: 999
    Magic: 999
    Gold: 5000
    Health: 9999
    Keys: 9
    Potions: 9

    Hint: Mini Skorne
    When you defeat Skorne the first time, get the items he drops. Wait until you exit the shop screen, then put them all on. You look like a smaller version of Skorne. Note: This works best with the Dwarf.

    Hint: Frightened Death
    If you find Death while wearing Anti-Death, he will get scared in run away in one player mode. In two to four player mode, he will simply avoid the player wearing Anti-Death and run after another player. Note: This works best if the "Permanent Anti-Death" code is enabled.

    Hint: Anti-Death
    In the game there are two Deaths, a red one that will steal 100 health and a black one that will steal 1 level. By buying plenty of Anti-Death, you can avoiding losing health and levels. After putting on an Anti-Death halo, Death will avoid you. Instead of just ignoring the Death, run towards him with the Anti-Death still active. When you do this, the powers will be reversed. With red Death, you will gain 100 hundred health from him. With black Death, you can gain an entire level from him.

    Hint: Double invincibility
    Enable the "Invincibility" code, and find a second invulnerable item. Equip both and take off the limited one. You should now glow yellow. Each hit on you will increase your health. Note: This will exceed your maximum health.

    Hint: Forsaken Province world: Playing tag
    Somewhere on the third level of the Forsaken Province is a glowing sphere that when touched allows you to play tag. When touched by the person that is "it", the game will state the name of the person that is now "it" (for example, Green Jester). Note: This does not work in single player mode

    Hint: Forsaken Province world: Mausoleum level: Dead man alive
    Go to where you lower the wooden bridge. Walk near the coffins and you will hear a person screaming and pounding to get out.

    Hint: Finding Runestones
    Go to Sumner and scroll down to "Runestones". It will tell you the next Runestone location.

    Hint: Runestone locations
    The first Runestone is in the Forsaken Province on the Fields level. As you are going down the ramp of the mill, destroy all the enemies. There will be a shed with gates. Destroy the gates with an attack of any kind to get the first Runestone.
    The second Runestone is in the mausoleum of the Forsaken Province. There is a ledge with gold and a treasure chest. Destroy the wall in the middle of them and the Runestone can be found behind there.
    The third Runestone is in the valley region. In the cliff level, there is a part with a flame geyser and a narrow path on the right. About three steps there is a breakable wall with a lever and some other items. Pull the lever and it will show you where the Runestone is located.

    Hint: Finding secret characters
    Medusa (Sorceress' secret form):Second level of the Forsaken Province, towards the end.
    Minatour (Warrior's secret form): Second level of Mountain Kingdom, towards the end.
    Unicorn (Knight's secret form): First level of Sky Dominion, towards the end.
    Falconess (Valkrie's secret form): Second level of Castle Realm, towards the beginning.
    Tigeress (Archer's secret form): Third level of Forest Realm, towards the end.
    Ogre (Dwarf's secret form): First level of Ice Domain, towards the middle.
    Hynea (Jester's secret form): Third Level of Dream World close to the middle.
    Jackal (Wizard's secret form): In the second level of the Desert Lands, towards the beginning.
    Sumner: Second level of the Battle Grounds at the end.

    Hint: Screaming and shaking treasure box:
    When you use your x-ray vision glasses and see a skull with cross-bones (Death) in a treasure chest, stand next to the chest, but do not open it. Use one of your magic potion bottles. The treasure chest should start to shake, and you will hear Death screaming.

    Hint: Turn cherries into apples
    You must be at least at level 60, when you are told that your potions can purify poisoned food. If there is a poison barrel next to a cherry, hit the barrel. The cherry should turn into poison fruit. Next, use a potion on the poison fruit and it should turn into an apple. Note: Electric potions will not work.

    Glitch: Exceed maximum health
    Use the following trick to receive more than your maximum health at any time, except if you have 9999 health. You need to have an Anti-Death item and near full to full health. Then, find a Red Death and use the Anti-Death on him. If done correctly, you will not be able to eat any food, but you will have more health than the maximum limit.

    Glitch: Invincibility
    Enable the "10,000 gold" code. After reading everything (or pressing B), press Start and select the "Shop" button. Buy some ability items (for example, Magic power-ups, etc.). You should make all your attributes 999. If you run out of gold while shopping, select "Exit", and you will have 10,000 gold again when you return to the playing screen. Repeat the process until all your attributes are at 999. Then, start buying Invulnerabilities. Spend all your money at least six different times on them. Immediately before you enter into a level, press Up then Left or Right until you find the Invulnerabilities. Then, press Up to glow white and enter the level. Before you use the exit to the level, turn off your invulnerable, so it is not wasted. You can buy more Invulnerabilities and enter another level.

    Glitch: Invisible flapping door:
    On the second level in the Province, destroy the train with the spikes on the track with any attack. The door that it exits from will flap as if something went through it.

    Glitch: Floating Ogre
    Unlock the Ogre then go to a level that has levitation. Turn it on and walk forward. Although his feet are not touching the ground you can kick enemies.

    Glitch: Falling Coins
    When you defeat the Spider Queen and the coins appear, they sometimes fall off the web. Gauntlet- Dark Legacy

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