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Color Pokemon Blue - Red Gameboy Color Game Cheats

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    Pokemon Blue / Red

    Hidden Coins
    When you go into the gamecorner. Go up to the counter on the left where the woman is standing. Then turn facing the left with one space left before you face the wall cmpletely then press A and you should get 10 coins.

    How to get Mew
    You must start a new save file and proceed into the game until you reach professor Oak. The professor will give you your first pokemon to train, and it will have a name other than mew (bulbasaur, charmander, squirtle). Once you receive the pokemon, it will ask you to nickname the character. Name the pokemon mew and it will be listed as the 151st pokemon in the pokedex as "mew 151st." The pokemon will show up and fight as mew from this point on.

    The Real Way To Get Mew
    Have a Level 100 pokemon with Strength and Surf and before you go on the SS. Anne. Surf on the right side of the SS. Anne keep on going until you find an island with a truck. Use strenghth and push it over and you will see a steps go down it you will see a item pick it up and it will be Mew.

    Defeat Blaine in water
    First, go to Viridian city and talk to the guy that shows you how to catch pokemon and answer "yes" to his question. Then Fly to Cinnabar Island and surf east from the poke' center. Surf up and down alot until you get to him. He'll pop up just like a pokemon would. He will have Missingno and other wierd pokemon like that. They are all at level 32.

    Missingno trick
    You can find find LV.0 or LV.80 or LV.184 Missingno's. He has VERY low defense. If you do want to catch him, he knows Water Gun, Sky Attack, and Water Gun again. Yup, 2 Water Guns. You can catch him adn then after you do, an invisible one will still be there. The invisible one evolves into Ditto. The first one evolves into Kangaskhan. Feed a Missingno a rare candy and it will evolve into a Ditto or a Kangaskhan, depending on which one you caught. Missingno can learn Strength, Fly, and Surf. So you could have a flying, surfing Kangaskhan or Ditto.
    Note: You will have to almost be done with the game.

    Pokémon Pop Quiz
    When you go to Blaine's Gym on Cinnibar Isl., enter, and see those little machines by the trainers that look like cassette tapes? Well, go in front of it and press A to take a pop quiz. If you answer the question right, you won't have to fight the trainer. You can bypass almost every trainer in there this way. I know the answers, but I won't tell. I'll let you decide to see if you're a tue Pokémon master.

    Unlimited items
    You probably know this one, but incase you don't, or you need a better discription, I'll tell you. To get your items duplicated, go to Veridian City and go north and talk to th little man who shows you how to cacth Pokémon, and answer NO to hiis question. After his 'lesson', Fly to Cinnibar Isl. and walk to the right edge. Surf up and down the coast of the right edge until you run into Missingno. He's a glitch in the game, so pay no mind to him. Don't catch him, because if you do, there is about a 90% chance your game will mess up. Just fight him or run. Make sure the item you want duplicated is in the sixth slot of your item box. You can have unlimited rare candies, iron, calcium, master balls, poké balls, escape ropes, whatever. Not keys or bikes or rods or anything like that though. Just power ups and balls, and helpy items.

    Find Pokemon In A Different Place
    Go into the Safari Zone and then get right out. Then go to Cinnabar Island and surf up and down along the shore to the right. You'll find Safari Zone Pokemon there.

    Just For Your Info
    If you go through most of the game and don't get on the S.S.Ann, (it's possible, trust me) collect surf. Come back to the S.SAnn, flash the ticket, and when it goes to the small screen, surf off into the water. You can surf all around the S.S.Ann and go on the the decks. On the top right deck, you should find a poorly drawn truck. There is no reason fr this truck to be there, becuse it doesn't do anything. You can't move it with Strength either. It's probably just something to confuse you.

    Safari on Cinnibar
    That's right. Enter the Safari Zone and walk around a bit. Exit, and then Fly to Cinnibar Island, and Surf up and down the right coast of it, and you should run into Safari Zone Pokémon. Now you can run into Tauros, Scyther, Kangaskhan, Chansey, Rhydon, etc. and hurt them or catch them with an ultraball to make it easier so they can't run from you.

    Change The Color Scheme
    To change the color o the game, when you first turn the game on, and it says "Gameboy Color", press Select and B, or Select and A or down or up or up and down or up and B. There are different color combinations you can make. It doesn't cahnge what Pokémon are found in the game, though.

    Make an 'é'
    The way you can make an é when typing, as in Pokémon, hold down Alt, and press 0,2,3,3 on the numerc keypad. See? é!

    Extra Coins
    In the Celedon gambling corner, ask various people at the machines, and some will give you money, and if that's not enough, scroll all around the whole floor pressing A at every tile, and you should stumble accross several coins. You can find 10, 20, even 100 coins.

    The Invisible PC
    In the hotel in Celedon City where the woman says its not a pokemon hotel, go to the far right where a PC would be and press A. You should be working an invisible PC.

    Free Max Potion
    To get a free max potion go to the 9th floor in the Silph Co. Building and stand in front of the lady that heals your Pokemon. Face the bed to your left and press A. There should be a max potion there.
    (Note: You can only use this cheat once per Game.)

    2 Ways To Get Mewtwo And Other Pokemon
    One way to get mewtwo is defeat the game and then go on to the cave and catch him. The other way (you must have beaten the game first) go to the where giovanni is the gym leader and talk to the guy that asks if you want him to show you how to catch pokemon select yes and watch when he is done talking fly to cinnabar island and go the east coast and surf up along the coast keep going up and down and you will find after a while mewtwo and you can catch him. (Mewtwo will be around level 155) There will also be other pokemon like snorlax and all the rest in the version.

    How To Duplicate Items
    (You must have beaten the elite four and won the championship and have less than 100 of a item) choose a item that has a number to it like rare candy especially and have it as your sixth item on the item screen (you can move it by pressing select and then moving it to the sixth spot) now go to the guy in the city with giovanni's gym that asks you if you would like him to show you how to catch pokemon select yes and watch when he is done talking immediately fly away to cinnabar island and surf along the east or right side coast and surf up and down that side of the island keep surfing until a thing shows up that says Missing M or Missingo (you may run into pokemon but just run away from them) and fight him or run away but DO NOT catch him (it will mess up your data and saved game) and than after you fight him or run away look at your item screen and look at the sixth item and it will have a number and a picture next to it that means you have over 100 of those items.

    Man Stuck On A Roof!
    Fly to Cinnibar Island and surf onto the east coast. Go onto the land and go in front of the gym door. It should say "it's locked". Look at the roof and a man will be on the roof!

    Unlimited Items
    You'll have to be almost completely done with the game to do this cheat, and make sure you hve a flying Pokemon with the technique FLY. Go to Viridian City and talk to the man that had his coffee and select the option [No]. Then he'll show you how to catch a Pokemon. After the review, FLY to Fushia City. Put the item you want to duplicate 6th on the ITEM menu (use the SELECT button). Use a water Pokemon with the SURF ability and swim on the right side shore of the island. Swim up and down the coast until you encounter a Missingno. or a Missing M (you will also encounter Pokemon levels 100-186 but will go back to level 100 after "gaining" a level). Defeat one and the sixth item in your inventory will have an image next to it, which means you have over 200 copies of that item. I prefer to copy Rare candies so that I can make my Pokemon to Level 100 without training but this ruins the fun of the game.

    Many Cheats
    This cheat will be easier if you used the FLY to get to Cinnabar Island, and also teach a water pokemon SURF. Teach any bird FLY then get to Cinnabar Island. Then You must go back to Viridian city, talk to the man by the entrance of the Viridan City Gym. when ask you "are you in a hurry" answer "no". After he finishes Fly back to Cinnabar Island go to the eastern coast of the island (where you first surfed onto the island). Then use SURF to move between the land and the water. in case you do not get it your seal should look like he is on land but is not. move up and down for awhile pokemon start appearing (it may take a while). If pokemon start appearing then pause and select ITEMS, switch the item you want with the sixth item in the inventory. press SELECT and make sure that the white arrow is still showing, and also make sure that the sixth item has a number by. now exit out of the pause menu using the B button, surf up and down the now and search for a hidden by the name of Missingno. defeat it (do not catch it)! When ! you see how much gold and points you earned pause again and look at the sixth item, it will either have a symbol by the number or it will show how many you have. i would recommend using this code for things like gold nuggets or rare candy, even TM's. if you want the money go and sell all but one. you should have maximum money!

    Color Pokemon Blue - Red

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