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Color Dragon Ball Z- Legendary Super Warriors Gameboy Color Game Cheats

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    Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors

    Android #16:
    Have Goku in the first position of your team when you fight Android #16 and Android #18 and defeat them.

    Android #17:
    Play as Android #20 and defeat Android #17.

    Android #18:
    Have Krillin in the first position of your team when you fight Android #16 and Android #18 and defeat them.

    Android #19:
    Play as SSJ Vegeta and defeat Android #19.

    Android #20:
    Play as Android #19 and defeat Android #20.

    Burter and Jeice:
    Play as Goku and defeat them.

    Captain Ginyu:
    Play as Vegeta and defeat defeat Ginyu-Goku and Jeice.

    Cell 2:
    Play as Cell's first form and defeat Android #17.

    Cell Jr.:
    Play as Perfect Cell and defeat Cell Jr.

    Play as Piccolo and defeat Cell's first form.

    Chibi (Little) Trunks:
    Unlock Majin Vegeta.

    Evil Buu (Gohan absorbed):
    Unlock Evil Buu (Gotenks absorbed), then play as SSJ Gohan and defeat Evil Buu (Gohan absorbed).

    Evil Buu (Gotenks absorbed):
    Unlock Evil Buu, then play as Gotenks and defeat Evil Buu (Gotenks absorbed).

    Evil Buu:
    Play as Fat Buu and defeat Evil Buu.

    Evil King Piccolo:
    Successfully complete the Future stages as SSJ Future Trunks.

    Fat Buu:
    Play as Young Trunks and defeat Fat Buu.

    Play as Super Saiyan Future Trunks and defeat Frieza.

    Future Android 17 And 18:
    Win the fight in EX Story1 as Android 19 And 20.

    Play as Captain Ginyu and defeat Goku.

    Win the Goten vs. Trunks battle.

    Save the game just before the fight against Trunks. If you lose, just restart the game to get Goten.

    Play as Krillin and defeat Guldo.

    Unlock all characters in the game, then when you are in Story 22, win the fight versus Trunks with the Ginyu Force (once with Guldo, once with Recoome, once with Burter, once with Jeice and once with both Ginyu forms). Hercule will now be unlocked.

    Play as Piccolo and defeat Nappa.

    Perfect Cell:
    Have Cell 2 in the first position of your team when you fight Android #16 and Android #18 and defeat them.

    Pure Evil Buu:
    Unlock Evil Buu (Gohan absorbed), then play as SSJ Vegeta or Fat Buu and defeat Pure Evil Buu.

    Play as Goku and defeat Recoome.

    Lose the Goten vs. Trunks battle.

    Teen Trunks and Vegeta:
    Successfully complete story mode, then start story mode again. When you are going to fight Cell when you first leave the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Gohan will be SSJ. Then, when you appear at the Cell's game ring, a message will appear stating that you unlocked Teen Trunks and Vegeta.

    Super Saiyain Trunks and Vegeta:
    Get to Story 14. Talk to Trunks until he tells you about Gohan from the future. Then, talk to Bulma once. Go to Cell's cocoon and call Bulma and Trunks. When you fight Cell's first form, use Piccolo (Kami). You must lose once. Then, win once against Cell. You must then use Piccolo (Kami) again to fight Android No.17 and win. When you are in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber training with Goku, before you fight Android No.16 and Android No.18, go to the left and you will see a pot. Open it and keep pressing A until you get a Trunks Sword Card. Then, defeat Android No.16 and Android No.18 with any desired character. When you get to Story 17, just before you fight Cell (P. form), you will get Super Saiyain Trunks and Vegeta.

    SSJ4 forms:
    Although SSJ4 was not featured into Dragon Ball Z, it is possible to get this form of Vegeta, Goku and Gogeta (Goku and Vegeta fused by Fusion Dance). Unlock Goku, Vegeta and Veggetto at their strongest forms (Goku SSJ3, Vegeta Magin Vegeta and Veggetto SSJ). Then, complete the entire game including Trunks' Extra Story with only those three characters at their strongest form in any order.

    First, unlock Goku, Vegeta, and Vegito at their strongest form. Then in the future stages, use those three in any order. Complete the game, and SSJ4 Goku, Vegeta, and Gogeta will now be unlocked.

    Hint: Defeating Jeice and Burter:
    During Story 7, when you are fighting Jeice and Burter, switch characters every time you attack three times with the character you are currently using. Keep doing this until you defeat them. Note: This also works on other battles.

    Hint: Get character's signature moves easily:
    Play the same character in every chapter. For example, if you were fighting Vegeta you will get one of his cards.
    Color Dragon Ball Z- Legendary Super Warriors

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